Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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New Yorkers smash US records betting $500m a week

New Yorkers smash US records betting $500m a week
Within just two weeks of launching a regulated mobile betting market, New York had already hit the US record for an entire month: over a billion dollars in just 16 days, and with only five of nine operators in the mix. By the end of week five the state had handled almost $2.5bn.

Acquisitions, ad spend spiral in race for top tier

Sports Betting US Betting firms advertising
In a scramble for customers through the 2021- 2022 sports season, US betting firms enter an escalating imperative to bulk up and splurge on advertising before winners and losers set in.

Wynn partners Scientific for US betting and gaming

Wynn Resorts Scientific Games Sports Betting partnership
In its first major move into US betting, high stakes casino group, Wynn Resorts, has partnered with Vegas-based machine manufacturer, Scientific Games

Wynn withdraws $7bn Crown bid, for now

Wynn Crown bid
Premature leaks moved Wynn to retract its $7bn bid for Crown, but with both firms keen to move on from their former dynasties, analysts and shareholders..