Wednesday, September 22, 2021

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GBGC: Global igaming model prepares for major changes

GBGC Global iGaming model prepares major changes cryptocurrency
The true advent of cryptocurrencies and an international effort to harmonise corporation tax have long been foretold, writes Warwick Bartlett, chief executive of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants. Both are now palpable, and set to shake the foundations of the global online gaming industry.

Bartlett: “Very few see the UK market as one with any opportunity left in it”

Warwick Bartlett GBGC
Warwick Bartlett, CEO of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, suggests that William Hill’s sale to Caesars Entertainment, and the operator’s decision to focus exclusively on the emerging US sports betting market, is symptomatic of an increasingly challenging business environment in the UK

Gamblers Anonymous: Overlooked and undermined?

Warwick Bartlett Gamblers Anonymous
Warwick Bartlett, chief executive of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, highlights a lesser-known but longer-standing, successful and self-funded alternative to Gamble Aware - but whose existence is threatened by competition from this state-backed leviathan

Investors pile in on post-lockdown betting frenzy

post-lockdown betting frenzy
With lockdowns lifting across the globe and all major sports back on the menu, bookmakers are hoping for a splurge of withheld spending. Although much depends on the speed and shape of economic recovery.

Gauging the next wave of regulatory headwinds

regulation headwinds
Specialists in UK gambling regulation review some of the most salient issues expected to impact firms in 2020: from credit cards to VIPs, product design

GBGC: Picking the best of a bad bunch

Warwick Bartlett GBGC election manifesto UK
Warwick Bartlett, chief executive of the Isle of Man based consultancy firm, GBGC, give his rather gloomy assessment on what this election means for the future of British gambling

GBGC: The industry needs a good story to tell

GBGC, gambling commission, industry, sector, Warwick Bartlett, Global Betting and Gaming Consultants
Warwick Bartlett, chief executive of Isle of Man- based Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, shares his prescription for the UK’s gaming market in 2019. iGAMING TIMES: What would say have been the UK sector’s greatest achievements in 2018?

Will The Donald turn up trumps for online gaming?

Betting Business US Gaming Law
With a former casino owner in the White House it’s tempting to start celebrating the imminent liberalisation of US gaming laws. Our guest writer Warwick Bartlett, CEO of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, warns that this  is far from a foregone conclusion.   It is hard to believe that a candidate for president of the United States has previously owned casinos...