Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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New Yorkers smash US records betting $500m a week

New Yorkers smash US records betting $500m a week
Within just two weeks of launching a regulated mobile betting market, New York had already hit the US record for an entire month: over a billion dollars in just 16 days, and with only five of nine operators in the mix. By the end of week five the state had handled almost $2.5bn.

MGM in pole position for US betting in 2019

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Having forged a formidable range of betting-related partnerships in 2018, America’s largest casino group, MGM, is leading the charge across new US betting markets. Of all the stakeholders in US gaming, few are doing more to secure their share of sports betting revenues…

FanDuel, DraftKings make early strides in US betting sector

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FanDuel’s bargain sale to Paddy Power Betfair may not have pleased its ordinary shareholders - but has given it a head start in the race for US betting contracts. Meanwhile its fantasy sports nemesis, DraftKings, is trailing close behind. The only two titans of…

Telecoms giant surveys its slice of US betting markets

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Telecoms company Verizon has said it, too, could be a new force in US betting markets, calling into question what role the gambling sector could end up playing should the leviathans of Silicon Valley decide to follow suit.   The New York-based phone company, with its 100 million subscribers, would make a formidable contender for US betting revenues. Having acquired Yahoo...