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UK election has increased odds of FOBT stake reduction

Credit Suisse have advised that the government will likely slash the maximum stake for gaming machines to £2, causing a 40-50% profit cut for bookmakers.
Analysts at leading financial agency Credit Suisse advised clients earlier this week that odds have "materially increased" that maximum stakes for gaming machines will be slashed from £100 to £2 as part of the government's long-delayed Triennial Review, following the recent upheaval of the UK political climate. This could potentially lead to a 40-50 percent cut in profits for bookmakers, particularly betting giants William...

Worldpay predict betting surge ahead of election

BBi - General election Worldpay
The global leader in payments, Worldpay, has predicted a 40% increase in online gambling activity ahead of the UK General Election on Thursday, 8 June, 2017.   Worldpay claims it is expecting a significant boost in online betting volumes as political gambling takes a hold of the UK ahead of this year’s general election. The data, taking into account the increase in...