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True Flip reveals crypto-themed Mining Factory with Plasmatron bonus

True Flip, slots, mining factory
Meet Henry the Stingray, an old hand adapting hardly to the digital world. Henry would be happy to let things stay the same, but new times demand new rules. Gripped by the bitcoin rush, Henry turned one of his many factories into a mining farm. An adorable robot...

True Flip opens for b2b sales with the launch of Magic Dice

True Flip, the blockchain fair games developer, opens a business-to-business service with the launch of its new game, Magic Dice. Magic Dice is exactly as simple as it looks: five number ranges, five magic dice, a 100% safe algorithm of winning combinations, bets starting from 0,00004 BTC, and the chance of winning up to 12 BTC. Magic Dice was developed to...

True Flip reveal new instant blockchain game Pirate Bay

Pirate Bay
True Flip, the blockchain fair games operator, has developed and launched its next instant game. The company says the concept of its new is “a fight for justice where Flip, the mascot standing for fairness, fights pirates for a chest of pure gold”.

True Flip slots into place with brand new Chain’s Code

Chain's Code True Flip BitCoin
The blockchain fair games operator, True Flip, has developed and launched its first slot game Chain’s Code.   Chain’s Code features a single-line slot machine with a centralized play button for speed, ease of use and substantial replayability. Draws take place every 10-15 seconds, making Chain’s Code the fastest game from True Flip so far. True Flip claims the game is based...