Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Trinidad and Tobago modernise market with Gambling Control Bill

Trinidad and Tobago Gambling tax bill
After six years of “filibustering” by an incorrigible opposition bloc in the senate, Trinidad and Tobago has passed a new bill that will raise gambling taxes 6-fold - and potentially pave the way for igaming licences through a new regulator.

Esports fund promised for Hainan amid gambling hype

Esports Hainan
June began with what appeared to be the repeal of 14 pieces of legislation in Hainan - among them the long-rumoured end to its gambling ban.

Puerto Rico mulls sports betting legalisation

Puerto Rico Sportsbetting esports legislation
The governor Puerto Rico has announced the drafting of a bill permitting online and land-based sports betting in the US-controlled Caribbean territory..

Puerto Rico looks to igaming and sports betting for fiscal relief

The director of Puerto Rico’s gaming regulator, Jaime Alex Irizarry, has lent his backing to a new proposal to allow the territory’s casinos to run online gaming operations. Puerto Rico’s Commission for Tourism and Social Welfare is analysing a new bill which would…

Mexican casinos prepare for uncertain future following Obrador election

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been elected Mexican president, continuing a rise in populism across Western politics, and creating confusion for Mexican casino operators. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador has been elected president of Mexico…

Namibian government tables plans for national gambling board

Gambling Namibia
Namibian tourist minister Pohamba Shifeta has proposed forming a state-owned Gambling Board, in order to curb illegal gambling in the country. The National Assembly proposal, which would establish eight board members and a chief executive in monitoring roles, aims to reduce the country’s estimated 20,000 illegal slot machines. “This piece of legislation will not only ensure strict regulation of gambling activities,”...