Tuesday, August 16, 2022

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EGBA joins calls for Portuguese tax overhaul

Portugal EGBA
The European Gaming and Betting Association (EGBA) has called on the Portuguese government to rethink its “discriminatory” sliding tax for online gambling..

Gambling not alone as ‘sin’ taxes increase across tobacco and alcohol

UNITED KINGDOM, TAXATION, Philip Hammond, fobts
The latest budget from UK chancellor of the exchequer Philip Hammond has increased tax on online casino games in a bid to cover the £1.15bn lost by the treasury in capping FOBTs. However, gambling wasn’t the only so-called ‘sin’ sector to be hit by the government’s...

Donohoe claims “social cost” of gambling as backing for tax increase

IRELAND, TAXATION, society, tax,
Paschal Donohoe has defended his controversial doubling of Irish betting tax in the 2019 Budget announced last month. The finance minister stated that the increase, which is predicted to cause significant damage to small independent operators, is designed to address consumer

Kenya responds to operator pressure with tax decrease proposal

KENYA, TAXATION, Kenyan National Assembly, politics
Kenyan National Assembly Majority leader Aden Duale has tabled a bill to reduce the widely-criticised 35 percent tax on gambling operators introduced on 1 January this year. If approved by Parliament, the tax will be capped at 15 percent, a significant...

15 percent point of consumption tax rolled out across Australian states

Australian Government, Canberra
The state of Queensland and the ACT have followed South Australia’s lead by implementing a 15 percent statewide point-of-consumption betting tax, with New South Wales imposing a 10 percent levy. The ruling is designed to increase state revenue…