Wednesday, November 30, 2022

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SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Now Certified for Spain

Spanish Licence Game Aggregator
The team at SOFTSWISS behind the Game Aggregator is pleased to share that the game content aggregation software has passed both a security and technical certification in order to offer services in the regulated market of Spain.

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Takes Stock of 2021

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator 2021 results1
The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator is pleased to share its preliminary results for 2021. The data presented reflects the results from January through December 2021.

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Signs a Deal With Hölle Games

Game Aggregator New Client Hölle Games
The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator has announced the expansion of its list of game providers through a partnership with Hölle Games.

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Launches Client Back Office

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Back office launch
The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator is pleased to announce the launch of the client version of its back office, which will now be available to all clients of the solution. The Game Aggregator back office can be accessed by both clients operating on the SOFTSWISS Online Casino Platform as well as those using third-party platforms.

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Introduces VIP Support

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator B2B VIP Support
The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator recently announced the improved B2B Support service which will now manage VIP client requests. The newly adapted Game Aggregator support system will further adhere to providing the best, most transparent, top quality service to all clients.

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Passes €230 Million GGR

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator 230GGR
SOFTSWISS proclaimed that in July 2021 the brand’s Game Aggregator achieved a major milestone of 232 million euros GGR, marking a tremendous new achievement.

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator Shares June Statistics

SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator June statistics
The SOFTSWISS Game Aggregator shared its recent June statistics, where the brand peaked at 170 million euros in the average amount of daily bets, along with 140 million bets – the average number of daily bets in June.

SoftSwiss Reaches Record 5 Billion Euro Total Bets

Game Aggregator SoftSwiss reaches record 5 billion euro total bets
The SoftSwiss Game Aggregator has reached a record-breaking 5 billion euro of Total Bets two months after peaking at over 4 billion in March 2021

SoftSwiss Game Aggregator tops €150 million GGR milestone

SoftSwiss 150m Game Aggregator
SoftSwiss announces that its Game Aggregator solution has reached a thrilling milestone of 150 million euros GGR. This is yet another exciting milestone for the SoftSwiss Game Aggregator after it surpassed an incredible 4-billion-euro total bets target last week.

SoftSwiss Reaches Record 4 Billion Euro Total Bets in March 2021

SoftSwiss 4bn total bets
SoftSwiss is excited to announce that the company’s Game Aggregator has surpassed the astonishing record of 4 billion euro of total bets in March 2021. It marks only 3 months since SoftSwiss reached the milestone of 3 billion euro of total bets back in December 2020

SoftSwiss launches Game Aggregator B2B support service

SoftSwiss Game Aggregator B2B Support
The SoftSwiss Game Aggregator is excited to announce that now the brand has officially launched its own 24/7 B2B support service.