Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Duterte says yes to betting on Boracay

Boracay Duterte says yes to betting
In a twin turn-around for the Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte, gambling is to be legalised on one of the archipelago’s most-prized assets.

POGO’s set for tax hike after presidential intervention

Philippines tax Rodrigo Duterte
Despite heavy opposition, the Philippines’ president, Rodrigo Duterte, urges lawmakers to rush through a bill to add taxes to the online gambling sector and its employees - in a bid for billions in extra tax pesos that could fund the covid recovery.

Duterte shields POGOs from mounting critics, for now

Philippines Rodrigo Duterte
Philippine president Rodrigo Duterte has stepped between offshore operators and their mounting chorus of critics - offering a temporary reassurance of their right to remain in business

Manila warms to Beijing, cools pressure on offshore gambling

Duterte beijing gambling
After a tense meeting between the two leaders, Philippine president, Rodrigo Duterte, is criticised for yielding to his Chinese counterpart on drilling in..

Philippine regulator fighting off accusations of licensing outside its remit

Betting Business, Philippine, regulator, Union for National Development and Good Governance-Philippines, Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, Philippine Online Gaming Operation, rodrigo duterte, testlabs betconstruct asian
The Filipino gaming regulator has responded to a lawsuit filed against its issuing of online gaming licences to offshore operators.   The Philippine regulator-cum-operator has been hit with a lawsuit for overstepping its authority in issuing offshore gaming licences and allegedly violating constitutional regulations. The Union for National Development and Good Governance-Philippines (UNLAD) filed the legal challenge with the country’s Supreme...

“Gamble until you die” – Duterte U-turn on online gambling crackdown

Betting Business Duterte
When not assassinating drug dealers or calling Barack Obama the son of a whore, the Philippines’ new president has whipped up a cyclone of mixed signals to the iGaming sector with another spectacular about turn.   Philippines president, Rodrigo Duterte, appears to have softened his stance against the gambling industry and has stated that he is prepared to allow online gambling...

Philippine gaming stocks jump 50% following u-turn

Betting Business, Duterte, Philippine, online gaming, legislation
PhilWeb and Leisure and Resorts World shares jumped by the 50 percent daily limit on 25 August after Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte said he might allow online gambling to resume with some conditions.   PhilWeb, which used to supply software to government-licensed internet gambling cafes, saw its price per share soar to 8.10 pesos at the close of trading, the most...

Philippine Gambling regulator Pagcor will not renew Philweb gaming licence

Betting Business, Philweb, Phillipines
PhilWeb’s gaming licence will not be renewed by Philippine gambling regulators. The decision continues Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s crusade against online gambling in the country.   The new head of the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corp (Pagcor) has announced the regulator will not be renewing the gaming licence of Manila-based PhilWeb. Andrea Domingo told Bloomberg News on 8 August: “We won’t...

Duterte gunning for online gaming in the Philippines

Rodrigo Duterte Philippines
Dubbed ‘the Punisher’ by Time Magazine and ‘Duterte Harry’ by the Telegraph for his crusade against crime, drugs and traffic congestion, the Philippines’ new president Rodrigo Duterte now appears to have set his sights on the country’s regulated online gambling industry.   Shares of e-gaming companies operating in the Philippines slumped at the end of June, after the newly sworn-in 16th...