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Comment: All eyes on the UK for the RGA in 2018

Clive Hawkswood RAIG
This year is set to be a busy one for the Remote Gambling Association (RGA), with a particularly strong focus on the UK market, where the industry is under pressure to improve its practices, writes RGA chief executive Clive Hawkswood.   In 2018 we won’t be taking our eye off the international scene and will, for instance be keeping up the...

RGA urges use of behavioural analytics to combat problem gambling

The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) has published good practice guidelines to help operators recognise problematic online gambling behaviour.   The guidelines encourage businesses to make use of behavioural analytics to identify and reach out to problem gamblers. “Online gambling operators collect and retain a great deal of data about their customers,” The RGA said in a statement. “It is incumbent on...

UK’s RGA urge funding levy to combat problem gambling

Clive Hawkswood RAIG
The Remote Gambling Association (RGA) has urged the government to change how it funds anti-problem gambling measures, calling the current system “unfit for purpose”.   The association wants a statutory levy introduced to replace the current system in which gambling companies voluntarily funding research into problem gambling, adding that a levy would ensure the National Responsible Gambling Strategy is properly funded. Clive...

Remote Gambling Association launch GAMSTOP

BBi - Remote Gambling Association launch GAMSTOP
Remote Gambling Commission unveil online self-exclusion scheme, GAMSTOP.   The Remote Gambling Association (RGA), the London & Brussels -based trade association whose members are all licensed for gambling purposes in Europe, has confirmed GAMSTOP as the brand title of the national online self-exclusion scheme which it agreed to design and implement in order to meet the aims of the Gambling Commission’s...

2017: A test of opportunity or challenge?

Betting Business Remote Gambling Association Clive Hawkswood
As the industry steps up gear for another busy year, Clive Hawkswood, CEO of the Remote Gambling Association (RGA), addresses some of the major challenges that UK-based operators could face in 2017.   Will the next twelve - or indeed eleven months bring opportunities, or challenges? Every year, the question remains the same - and the answer is that it will...

Executives predict new wave of gaming innovation

Betting Business - Executives predict new wave of gaming innovation
Rising regulatory costs can be stifling for innovators, but by intensifying competition and attracting new markets and alternative forms of finance, could ‘good’ regulation seriously be the root of a more innovative industry? Markets dominated by fewer larger firms have a reputation for stagnancy, yet senior executives suggest regulation and consolidation could be creating the incentives for a new wave...

Legal experts call for a ‘balancing act’ in Europe’s gaming taxation

Belgium Brussels VAT
As Belgium risks its glowing industry reputation with proposals to add VAT to gaming products, lawyers from across Europe have demanded a common-sense tax model that attracts players - and operators - away from the black market.   Senior gaming lawyers in Europe are demanding tax reform across the continent to ensure that the regulated industry can successfully compete with the...