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Canadian provinces go head-to-head with offshore bookies

Canadian Lawmakers green light sports betting
Canadian lawmakers gave single-match sports betting the greenlight this summer, hoping to put an end to one of the western world’s largest remaining black markets. Just how effective they are now depends on provincial regulations - and how much harmony can be achieved between them.

Football Index failure exposes regulatory shortfalls

Football Index
The collapse of sportsbook-cum-trading-platform, Football Index, has shone a light on the gap between financial and gambling regulation - and whether firms should enjoy the reputation of one and the inferior oversight of another.

China ramps up enforcement of online gambling

China crackdown illegal online gambling
China is continuing to bolster its armoury for tackling illegal online gambling - with a new portal through which citizens can report others’ suspicious activity, and giving heightened powers to the central bank for tracking and tracing payments

Regulus: Betting M&A – preparing for better times

Regulus Partners Sportsbetting merger and acquisions
The Covid-19 pandemic might be preventing the vast majority of mainstream sports around the world from taking place, but it has not stopped significant progress on three sportsbetting-related M&A transactions - Regulus Partners writes.

Online opportunity could quickly turn to threat, analysts warn

online gambling operators UK regulators threat covid-19 coronavirus
UK industry analysts cannot stress enough: operators must maintain the highest levels of vigilance through the coming months - or risk an unthinkable regulatory backlash.

Regulus: The UK and its gambling growth myth

Regulus UK gambling growth
Crowing about growth may attract talent and investors, but as we’ve seen in the UK gambling market, too much success can also raise the wrong eyebrows..

Betfred suffers eight figure loss in 2017

Despite reported good growth across eight gaming divisions, Betfred was pulled into the red in 2017. With a new FOBT stake now looming, the retail-centric adds puts an emphasis on SSBT to minimise the losses. Betfred disclosed suffering a loss of £13.4m…