Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Tag: Rahul Sood

Unikrn enhances esports betting offer with new streaming services

Unikrn esports
Esports betting platform provider Unikrn has announced two new products designed to increase the opportunities for placing bets on video game tournaments.

Rahul Sood: “Esports audiences will push crypto into the future”

Rahul Sood esports unikrn
In 2014, entrepreneurs Rahul Sood and Karl Flores decided to dive into the emerging sector headfirst and found Unikrn – building a brand that would soon become synonymous with esports. Sood’s and Flores’ vision has morphed into a sector-defining product: a fans-first, blockchain-powered, complete esports experience...

Gaming debates the hot issues at GiGse and Unikrn announce acquisition

Betting Business - GiGse 40 hours disruption Ewa Bakun
The role of the Launchpad initiative in helping to nurture new, fledgling businesses, was put into sharp focus on day 1 of GiGse, when news broke of the acquisition of former Launchpad finalist, LEET Gaming by Unikrn. Unikrn, CEO, Rahul Sood said the goal was to platformise the LEET brand so that casinos would be able to create localized eSports...