Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Loto Quebec reports revenue rise as it maintains case for international ISP blockade

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Loto Quebec has reported a one third increase in online gambling revenue for the first half of FY18/19, recording a 4.6 percent increase to $1.06bn. The Canadian gambling monopoly added that net income had also increased 6.3 percent to achieve $551m over the six...

Loto-Quebec faces inter-province competition

Quebec provincial gambling group has seen an increase in its online revenue, though not enough to topple its West Coast rival.   A contentious new bill, however, could upset the hegemon. Earlier this month, Loto-Quebec released its FY2016 report, announcing a revenue rise of 2.1 percent to C$3.6b with profits remaining steady at C$1.23bn just exceeding the year’s target. The group’s foundation...

Quebec’s Bill 74 “unlawful,” says national regulator

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The body responsible for policing Canada’s telecommunications says that Quebec’s new IP-blocking law breaks the terms of the country’s Telecommunications Act.   Canada’s national telecommunications authority has released a memorandum claiming that Quebec’s new law on IP-blocking violates federal law. May saw the Quebec legislature pass Bill 74, which calls on internet service providers (ISPs) to block all online gambling sites in...