Thursday, November 30, 2023

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Regulatory success shines light on LatAm’s lost opportunities

Regulatory success shines light on LatAm lost opportunities Colombia Paraguay
Strides ahead in its regulation of gambling offers, Colombia reports a doubling of revenues in the first half of 2021. Meanwhile, in Paraguay, progress towards the light is held back by crime, corruption and systemic shadow banking.

Paraguay’s betting monopoly drama worsens

After controversially reducing the country's seven licensed betting operators to just one, Paraguay could soon change tack after state officials demanded an end to the new monopoly’s concession.   Paraguay’s sole licence holder, Daruma Sam, was awarded the privileged position in December, after defeating its rivals in a bidding war. But after various “irregularities” were highlighted during the procurement process, both...

Country Roundtables return for Juegos Miami

Juegos Miami Roundtables
Juegos Miami, the unique invitation only, C-Level event for the Pan Latin American and Caribbean gaming industry, taking place at The Biltmore Hotel, Miami, May 30 – June 1, will be providing delegates with an unrivalled opportunity to engage with the region's key decision makers courtesy of a series of country specific roundtables.   The initiative will bring together regulators from...

Daruma Sam secures lucrative contract despite irregularity claims

Daruma Sam
Paraguay’s gambling committee Conajzar has awarded Daruma Sam the sole license for national sports betting.   The operator was granted the tender to trade immediately on 13 December, beating the Jockey Club del Paraguay as its only competitor for the bid, despite seven sports betting operators being eligible to apply. The bidding process was opened after a six month provisional licensing period...

Ed Roberts underlines the importance of Juegos Miami

BB - Ed Roberts Juegos Miami
Argentina-based Ed Roberts has become the first indigenous Latin American company to book stand space at Juegos Miami (May 31 - 2 June, The Biltmore, Miami).   The manufacturer, distributor and operator of equipment for both the bricks-and-mortar and online casino sectors is active in countries including Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay, Chile, the Dominican Republic and throughout the Caribbean. Ed Roberts welcomes the...