Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Saved by the state, shaped by the state

governments opinion
In response to the current crisis, governments the world over are once again turning to the Keynes playbook - printing cash on an unprecedented scale to maintain some semblance of economy until the storm passes.

Michigan keeps betting aflame despite chilling DoJ opinion

Michigan, betting, usa, DoJ, opinion
Michigan state representative, Brandt Iden, and author of the recently vetoed Lawful Internet Gaming Act, explains why he’s undeterred by last month’s legal spanner from the Department of Justice - and will be introducing updated legislation before the spring.

DoJ defends Wire Act opinion, denies corruption

DoJ, defend, Wire Act, opinion, corruption
From Lottery providers to attorney generals, state governors and judiciary committees, the US Department of Justice’s decision to reinterpret the 1961 Wire Act has come under sustained attack through February. While a preliminary injunction…

US betting bills press on, despite DoJ opinion

US, betting bills, press on, DoJ, opinion
Another cohort of US states introduced new betting bills towards to the end of January, apparently undeterred by the utterances of the Department of Justice. Massachusetts, Hawaii, Arizona, Virginia and New Hampshire all have legislation on their books…

Comment: How playing the Danish way can keep the regulators at bay

thomas_nielsen cozy denmark Magnet Gaming
  A cozy approach to slots provision may be the way forward for a gambling industry under increased regulatory scrutiny, according to Thomas Nielsen, head of game licensing at Magnet Gaming.   For many, Danes “Hygge” means warming bowls of porridge and candle-lit dinners, or anything that gives you a cozy feeling of contentment and well-being. The word has become something of a...

Adverts deemed ‘misleading’? We told you so.

Betting Business John Samuels IBAS misleading
At least two Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) judgements have recently been levelled against bookmakers for ‘misleading’ details of cash-out T&Cs in advertisements. According IBAS’ John Samuels, this only proves what the dispute resolution firm has been saying for some time: transparency is everything.   At IBAS, we find ourselves increasingly often watching developing issues facing the betting industry and thinking: “we...

BtoBet CMO finds the power of Blue Mind in Malta

BtoBet Blue Mind Malta
The CMO of BtoBet, Sabrina Solda, discusses why the company chose Malta for its HQ and why the Blue Mind brings calm and disruptive thinking to the gambling industry.   Sabrina Solda, CMO of technology and iGaming pioneer BtoBet, has detailed the importance of the company’s base in Malta and her vision about “blue mind” in a detailed blog. In the blog,...

Is the ‘free-for-all’ era of binary options at an end?

Betting Business - Binary Options opinion
Betting Business explores proposed solutions to the issue of binary options in the wake of operator scandals across a number of regions.   We’ve all read the horror stories: vulnerable elderly folks losing their pension funds; young impressionable folks ensnared by seeming ‘get-rich-quick’ schemes. It would certainly be fair to say that a small number of operators in this sector have...

As the industry expands, there’s ever-more room for disputes

Betting Business John Samuels IBAS misleading
IBAS’s John Samuels cautions that, with increasing opportunities for customers to gamble, there are ever-more customer service pitfalls for operators to fall into.   Last year saw IBAS reach its 18th birthday and ‘celebrate’ with a record number of over 7000 adjudication requests. There are other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) providers in the gambling industry, but IBAS received more than 90...

Brexit: what now for UK gambling?

Betting Business, Brexit gambling Lorien Pilling
As the dust begins to settle after a stormy month in British politics, Lorien Pilling, director of Global Gaming and Betting Consultants (GBGC), assesses the potential consequences of the ‘Brexit’ vote for the UK’s booming gaming industry.   The referendum is over but the political and economic fallout is only just beginning. So what has happened in the weeks after the...