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Digitain prepares for a Winter Olympics Betting Bonanza

Beijing Olympics Digitain
The Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games take place from the 4th to the 20th of February and Digitain are expecting to process record numbers of bets on this exciting event, across their partner network of over 150 operators.

French betting rides high following Euros and Olympics

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Figures released by France’s national gambling regulator ARJEL indicate that sports-betting revenues soared by 45 per cent in the three months ended June 30, reaching a record high of E91m.   The last three weeks of June saw France host the UEFA Euro 2016 tournament – which proved a substantial boon to French bookmakers. ARJEL claims that throughout the duration of the...

Rio 2016 smashes Olympic gambling record

Betting Business, Rio, Olympics
Rio 2016 was the most gambled on Olympics ever, according to figures from Sportsbet.io.   The bitcoin sportsbook took 40 percent of bets taken during the 16-day event, with tennis and football proving the most popular sports.   Nearly a quarter of all Olympic bets placed in August came on the tennis, with Andy Murray's gold medal-winning game against Martin Del Potro proving...

Brazil to vote on the legalisation of gambling after Olympics

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With two bills under debate in the National Congress, Brazil’s steep and winding road to the legalisation of gambling has taken a further turn this month with interim president Michel Temer’s office proposing the creation of a state betting monopoly. The Brazilian government is taking steps to overturn a seven-decade ban on gambling in an effort to raise tax...

Las Vegas sports books to accept bets on Rio Olympics

Rio Olympics Sports Books
For the first time since the 2000 Sydney Games, Las Vegas sports books are accepting bets on the Olympics providing a financial boost for casinos this August.   While the reopening of Olympic market may not make a significant alteration to Las Vegas’ betting landscape, it will be a useful addition, given the lull in business during the middle months of...