Tuesday, September 21, 2021

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SoftSwiss Sportsbook launches in-play bets for American leagues

SoftSwiss US Sports sportsbook
SoftSwiss announces the introduction of the new functionality on its recently launched Sportsbook solution. Now the platform will allow players to place live bets on the most popular American leagues such as NBA, NHL, NFL, MLB.

Sports bodies desperate to get back to business

Sports revenue desperate for restart
From table tennis to trotting, offbeat sports are enjoying a flurry of viewership and betting activity. For the mainstream leagues and teams however, the costs of closures are racking up - as are the calls to risk an early return.

NHL herald ICE North America as the place to develop sports sponsorship’s evolution

NHL Keith Wachtel ICE North America
Following the signing of the first commercial partnerships between sports bodies and gambling brands, both sectors are primed to build on the potential of sports sponsorship – a topic which is of keen interest to Keith Wachtel, Chief Business Officer and Executive Vice President, NHL.

NHL predicted over $200m in sports betting business boost

The American Gaming Association has predicted the National Hockey League could benefit from over $200m in additional annual revenue should it fully engage with sports betting. The report, made in conjunction with Nielsen Sports, follows a similar…

NHL offers sports betting data to highest bidder

Ice Hockey
The NHL has stated it would back sports wagering on national hockey matches provided operators return a portion of the revenue back to the league. Despite the Supreme Court denying both the NBA and NHL “integrity fees” following the overturning…

SportAD debuts fantasy sports in Resorts Casino

ICR - Resorts Casino SportAD
SportAD, has teamed up with Resorts Digital Gaming to launch the first licensed, real-money fantasy sports game for the US casino industry.   Resorts Digital Gaming - the online arm of Resorts Hotel Casino, the first casino in Atlantic City, New Jersey – will promote the game under its brand “FastPick”. SportAD claims its unique matchup-based sports game enables Resorts to enter...