Wednesday, June 29, 2022

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EURO 2020 boosted efootball commercial tournaments

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The world of esports is expanding dramatically. More people join streaming platforms to both watch and show the world their esports battles. According to Newzoo, experts expect the global games' live-streaming audience to reach 728.8 million this 2021, signifying a 10% growth compared to 2020.

Newzoo predicts 2016 esports revenue up seven percent to $493m by year end

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Data analysts Newzoo has released a new report to paid subscribers revealing a belief that eSports revenue for 2016 will grow to $493m (€441m) by year end, a seven percent increase on the original forecast made at the turn of the year. When Newzoo released their Global eSports Marketing report at the beginning of 2016, eSports revenue was predicted to...