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New Yorkers smash US records betting $500m a week

New Yorkers smash US records betting $500m a week
Within just two weeks of launching a regulated mobile betting market, New York had already hit the US record for an entire month: over a billion dollars in just 16 days, and with only five of nine operators in the mix. By the end of week five the state had handled almost $2.5bn.

Firms ready for battle in New York mobile betting tender

New York online sports bettiing licences
The New York governor’s eventual submission to online sports betting marks a major milestone in the state-by-state roll out of the new sector - and the site of a fierce bidding war for one of only a handful of America’s most prized licences

New York court says fantasy sports law unconstitutional

US Fantasy Sports
The New York Supreme Court has shot down the daily fantasy sports mantra that it’s more a game of skill than chance - placing it back in the penal code for prohibition.   Daily fantasy sports is once again prohibited in the state of New York, after judges ruled it had been illegally authorised by the legislature back in 2016. The abrupt...

New York mafia family indicted for NCAA match fixing

New York match-fixing NCAA
A wiretapping investigation into one of New York’s most notorious organised crime families uncovered an ongoing scheme to fix college basketball games.

Ground-breaker: Bets placed in landbased only New York

New York Schenectady
The River’s casino in Schenectady, upstate New York, took the first legal bets in the state - six months on from the legislative greenlight.

The US bills that did and didn’t make it this June

Sports Betting USA bills
New Hampshire and Maine both manage to push legal sports betting over the line in the final moments of the spring session. But New York fails once again..

New York pulls mobile betting from 2020 budget

New York Andrew Cuomo
New York legislators pulled the plug on mobile betting from the state’s budget for 2020, but will move ahead with plans for over the counter betting.   The state had widely been accepted to take a progressive stance on the issue, despite the Governor, Andrew Cuomo, repeatedly speaking out against mobile betting - and reminding that the 2013 statute that paved...

New York’s legal fudge creates temporary grey market for DFS

New York, gambling, legalislation, DFS
A war wages on over daily fantasy sports in New York, which for now has left DraftKings and FanDuel operating in a legal grey zone. In bypassing various constitutional procedures, the state’s lawmakers had no right to regulate DFS, said a Supreme Court judge…

Sports Betting USA could kick start legalization process, argues Salerno

BBi - ViC Salerno Sports Betting USA
Vic Salerno, President, US Fantasy, the Las Vegas head-quartered provider of skill-based fantasy wagering contests, has underlined the importance of the forthcoming Sports Betting USA conference (November 14 - 15, Convene, New York), arguing that it will play a central role in educating opinion formers and help to achieve the ultimate goal of finding a suitable regulatory framework that...

New York makes progress on poker and DFS bills

New York Poker Legislators
Legislators in New York are moving ever closer to legalising online poker in the state, as Senator John Bonacic’s online poker bill, S5302C, passed the Senate by a vote of 53-5. Although the bill still has some way to go before being written into law, the move has been heralded as the first major development for interactive gaming in the...