Thursday, August 5, 2021

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Push for UK online stake limits advances in leaked report

online slots stake limits leaked report
The Gambling Commission is weighing up advice to introduce a £1 maximum stake for online slots, according to a leaked report.

Operators and affiliates need to work together on compliance

Operators and Affiliates work together compliance
With regulators turning the screws on the unscrupulous through covid-19, James Ashton, head of content at, says affiliates must up their game when it comes to responsible gambling – but greater collaboration with operators is required.

UK regulator shows gladitorial muscle with Caesars

Caesars Entertainment
Caesars Entertainment has been ordered to pay a £13m regulatory settlement following a Gambling Commission investigation into its UK casinos.

European Commission – single market post-Brexit

European Commission post Brexit
With the EU’s most reluctant member no longer a consideration in the new legislation, the European Commission is reviving past promises of a digital..

Markets spooked ahead of UK gambling review

Markets UK Gambling Review
Investors have been offloading gambling stock through February amid concerns that political appeasement may trump the diligence that a rare rewriting of gambling legislation deserves.   British gambling stocks have still not recovered from a £500m sell-off mid-February, triggered by fears that £2 maximum stakes may also apply online. This one measure alone is estimated to reduce the UK’s online sector by...

UK market weighs impact of credit card betting ban

UK Credit Card betting ban
While intuitive and politically popular, the UK’s ban on betting with credit cards has been criticised as yet another simplistic solution to a complex problem, with dubious benefits for vulnerable groups.

Bidders line up for UK National Lottery tender

National Lottery tender
Several big names have already thrown their hats in the ring for a licence to run the UK’s largest gambling operator, the National Lottery.

UK Gambling Commission warns Malta-based operators to raise standards

UK gambling commission Malta
Speaking at the Safeguarding Standards conference in Malta this October, UKGC CEO Neil McArthur laments that the majority of actions taken last year were..

UKGC to ‘drive up standards’ in 2020 plan

Neil McArthur Gambling Commission
The UK Gambling Commission has outlined plans to continue driving up standards in consumer protection and harm prevention in its business plan for the..

UK gamblers face enhanced ID requirements

UK Enhanced ID Requirements
The Gambling Commission has announced that as of 7 May, online operators in the United Kingdom will be required to verify a new gambler’s identity before allowing any wager to be made

UKGC outlines eSport betting concerns in new report

Gambling Commission Valve eSport
The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) has warned operators in the eSports sector that they must be licensed if they wish to offer gambling services in the country. The regulator expressed concerns over the sector in a new discussion paper in which it set out its latest research on virtual currencies, eSports and social gaming. The paper has been prepared in...