Sunday, September 26, 2021

Tag: MRG Systems

MRG Systems display why they’re a good bet

Betting Business - MRG Systems ICE
MRG Systems continued its longheld presence at ICE, highlighting its Livespace display solution that can be seen everywhere from high street betting shops to, of all places, the Houses of Parliament.   The high street betting shop is an increasingly fastpaced arena, with customer faced with a wide angled array of odds, offers and opportunities from a breadth of sources. Betting Business...

MRG Systems: Significantly enhancing player experience

Betting Business MRG Systems signage
MRG Systems continue to be leading force in the digital signage sector. Betting Business speaks with Darren Macdonald about their products, and why they are so vital to betting shop experience.   Digital signage is one of the biggest aspects of the modern betting shop and the ability to engage customers successfully through them is paramount. For Darren Macdonald at digital...

MRG: Getting more from your screen systems

Betting Business MRG Systems Livespace
Innovative signage is one of the unsung heroes of the retail market, ultimately adding value to the store. MRG Systems’ Ian Hunter explains how the firm’s latest ‘LiveSpace’ digital signage systems – on display at this year’s Bookmakers’ Trade Fair – offer flexible localisation and automation features that can boost sales and enhance player retention.   If you are visiting the...