Thursday, January 27, 2022

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Russia bans payments to unlicensed gaming operators

Russia bans payments to unlicensed gaming operators
Disruption is expected in Russia’s gaming market as a new legislation comes into effect that will blacklist any foreign payment provider, telecoms firms or bank who processed payments to unlicensed .com companies.

Indian gaming law: Ludo needs a bit of luck … or not!

Indian Gaming Law Ludo Ashima Obhan
Gambling is a big and burgeoning business in India. Yet in most cases, it’s only legal if players are able to apply an unstipulated quantum of foreknowledge to predict the outcome. For Delhi-based corporate lawyer, Ashima Obhan, this peculiar position has led to a jigsaw of overlapping legislation that desperately needs a rewrite.

Kenya’s 20 percent excise duty makes a come back

Kenya regulation tax excise duty on betting
Kenya’s treasury has reintroduced the controversial 20 percent tax on wagers, which caused furore among the nation’s operators in 2019, via its 2021 Finance Bill.

Canadian lawmakers pursue betting reform ahead of snap poll

Canada sportsbetting
A perfect storm of political will and economic necessity has pushed sports betting back on the books for federal legislation, and a potential online market launch in Ontario. With a snap general election looming however - time is of the essence.

Markets spooked ahead of UK gambling review

Markets UK Gambling Review
Investors have been offloading gambling stock through February amid concerns that political appeasement may trump the diligence that a rare rewriting of gambling legislation deserves.   British gambling stocks have still not recovered from a £500m sell-off mid-February, triggered by fears that £2 maximum stakes may also apply online. This one measure alone is estimated to reduce the UK’s online sector by...

Cambodia braces for 80 percent fewer casinos

Cambodia casino online ban
Cambodia’s online gambling ban is bringing down huge swathes of the land-based sector with it. The contraction will have a profound long-term impact on..

Letter of the law: Reviewing Germany’s online regime

As much as operators might hope, Germany’s draft legislation is unlikely to change between now and a formal vote in March, writes Dr Joerg Hofmann, gaming lawyer at Melchers Rechtsanwaelte - as he unpicks the myriad of restrictions built into the new regime.   IN-PLAY BETTING - Sports betting will continue to be licensed but with restrictions on in-play betting. Only...

The German Lander reach a ‘cautious’ igaming consensus

online gambling legislation Germany
Germany’s draft online gambling legislation has been tepidly welcomed as long overdue. Yet experts warn that a careful sum of all its limitations suggests this new regime may more about effective restriction than open reform.

Netherlands lays groundwork for extended ‘cooling off’ period

Netherlands groundwork cooling period
Following a six-month delay to the opening of the online market, lawmakers in the Netherlands look set to extend the proposed two-year cooling off period..

Time to rally the troops

David Clifton Politics UK Gambling Act
The UK government’s more radical tendencies can only be tempered by a united industry making a compelling case for self-regulation - writes David Clifton..

Peruvian draft online gaming bill enters final phase

After a lengthy period of debate and education, Peruvian regulators are entering the final phases of a push to legalise online gambling. Their legislation..

Michigan betting bills once again hang on governor’s signature

Michigan sports betting
Sports betting and online gambling are back on the agenda in Michigan, after two bills resurrected by Brandt Iden secure passage through the House of..

Ukraine betting bills conflicting on key issues, says Parimatch

Ukraine betting legislation Parimatch
Betting legislation is picking up pace in the Ukraine parliament with seven new bills alternative to the initial law submitted by cabinet ministers in October.

UK election hopefuls put gambling in the crosshairs

Election Gambling Commission Westminster
As British voters head towards the third general election in just four years, it appears all the manifestos on offer include a significant tightening of..

Taiwan to criminalise online gambling

Taiwan to criminalise online gambling
Taiwan is moving to close a “loophole” in its criminal code that would make online gambling illegal - while introducing fines for players who disobey the..

Former presidential candidate reignites calls for federal betting legislation

presidential candidate legislation NCCA
Senator Mitt Romney is poised to pick up where his predecessor Orrin Hatch left off: a federal sports betting bill of as yet unknown proportions. While US..

Gambling legalisation in Ukraine: To be or not to be?

Ukraine gambling
Ukraine is on the cusp of legalising gambling. After a 10-year ban, the new government made the adoption of the law one of its top priorities. Discussion around legalising gambling in Ukraine has been ongoing almost since the ban in 2009. Over the past five years, several bills have been put in front of parliament. Moreover, in 2018, the authorities...

Irish gambling bill moves to Dail committee phase

Ireland Gaming Lotteries Bill
The long-awaited modernisation of Ireland’s 1956 gambling law is finally making progress, as the Gaming and Lotteries Bill 2019 moves to committee phase.   However, many in the Dail regret that the legislation only introduces basics of regulation from age restrictions, licensing and stakes and prize limits. Having gotten the nod from the Seanad Eireann, Ireland’s upper chamber - and will now...

Esports fund promised for Hainan amid gambling hype

Esports Hainan
June began with what appeared to be the repeal of 14 pieces of legislation in Hainan - among them the long-rumoured end to its gambling ban.

Illinois approves eleventh hour gambling expansion

Illinois gambling expansion approval
A concerted legislative push driven by newly-elected Governor Jay B Pritzker, saw Illinois’ spring session head into overtime, where a last minute gambling expansion..

Puerto Rico mulls sports betting legalisation

Puerto Rico Sportsbetting esports legislation
The governor Puerto Rico has announced the drafting of a bill permitting online and land-based sports betting in the US-controlled Caribbean territory..

Bricking it: Brazil’s House of Deputies proposes step forward in online legislation

Brazil, House of Deputies, online, legislation, politics
Brazil’s House of Deputies has proposed another step forward in gambling legislation, with 32 new land-based casino licences on the cards. However, is PL530/2019 a necessary step toward establishing an online market, or another fumble…

Irish government finally pushes legislation

Irish government, legislation, politics, gaming
The Irish government has stated long-awaited amendments to the 1956 Gaming and Lotteries Act are set to be drafted in 2019, including the formation of an independent regulator. Initially begun in 2015, the proposals were delayed by significant…

Departing Michigan governor vetoes online gambling

UNITED STATES, LEGISLATION, Michigan, online gambling
The outgoing Governor of Michigan has vetoed a bill approved by the state legislature which would have legalised intrastate online gambling for commercial and tribal casinos. Bill HB 4926, set to regulate casino games at a competitive tax rate of 8 percent GGR, was overturned by the official during his last days in office. “I do not think it is appropriate...

Brazilian uncertainty as Bolsonaro wavers on wagers

Brazil, football, BOLSONARO
With Bolsonaro relying on a wave of traditional, nationalist feeling to ride into power, a progressive attitude to gambling legislation was far from the core of his campaign. But while the new president is visibly unsure of whether to back legislation,

Buenos Aires approves online gambling as 2019 Budget calls for urgent reform

The Argentinian province of Buenos Aires has approved online gambling for the first time, as part of its 2019 Budget. The new regulation, designed to part reverse the economic slump which saw the Peso lose half its value this year, will see the

Australian state alliance launches National Consumer Protection Framework

Australia, apc
Australia has introduced its first National Consumer Protection Framework, a collaboration between the country’s six state governments to standardise safeguards across remote gambling. The legislative authorities of New South Wales, Queensland,

Cayman Island government postpone Gambling Bill debate

The Cayman Islands government has delayed plans to enact the Gambling (Amendments) Bill 2018, following calls to regulate gambling, currently illegal in the British Overseas Territory. The recent proposal...

Archer takes aim at former party for not stealing Labour proposals

Jeffrey Archer, legislation
Lord Archer has stated that Conservative ministers should “steal” the gambling advertising ban put forward by Labour deputy leader Tom Watson at the party’s September conference. The former Tory deputy chairman, no stranger to such appropriation himself having served half of his four year

Israel issues first online injunctions as gambling crackdown increases

ISRAEL, LEGISLATION, africa, politics
A court in Israel has levied its first injunction on three online gambling sites, ordering local ISPs to block the operators under authority granted by the Powers to Prevent Offenses Through an Internet Site Law 5767-2017. The Tel Aviv District Court,