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Sports betting spending spree pushes investors to the brink

US betting boom sports
With the world’s leading gaming companies all-in for a slice of the US betting boom, an early zeal among investors is giving way to the exorbitant realities of backing your horse all the way to the finish line. If 2021’s market caps are anything to go by, many financiers are already giving up the chase.

When seeking investment, it pays to have the right tools

George Potts NorthEdge Capital investment tools
George Potts, Investment Director at NorthEdge Capital, discusses the increased appetite from private equity for games development companies and how businesses looking for additional cashflow can make themselves more attractive to investors.

Investors cool on Wire Act confusion

Wire Act, doj, investors, usa
The DoJ’s reinterpretation of the 1961 Wire Act could impact lotteries, poker and mobile sports betting, lawyers say - but is likely to spend several years in court before being enforced. American gaming stocks have returned to trend after a new opinion…

Investors weigh benefits of black white and grey

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Just how should we assess the risk, income and multiples of businesses in regulated, unregulated and soon-to-regulate markets? Investors from the industry assembled in London last month to tackle these very issues.   Investors take different views of companies involved in different shades of market; it’s partly an appetite for risk, but also about weighing up a business’ potential income over...