Is cash out creating bad feeling between bookies and bettors?

cash out betting bookies Richard Hayler
Over the past few years, cash out has rapidly become an obligatory part of a bookies’ offer, but despite its ubiquity, customers still harbour major..

IBAS welcomes Resolver complaints tool

IBAS welcomes Resolver complaints tool
Adjudication service IBAS has welcomed customer complaint platform Resolver into the gambling industry fold. The UKGC has been working with the free consumer tool – which informs and aids consumers with complaints processes –  following the regulatory body’s unveiling of a “consumer first” policy in July. “Resolver isn’t really designed to have an impact on the IBAS process – we...

Adverts deemed ‘misleading’? We told you so.

Betting Business John Samuels IBAS misleading
At least two Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) judgements have recently been levelled against bookmakers for ‘misleading’ details of cash-out T&Cs in advertisements. According IBAS’ John Samuels, this only proves what the dispute resolution firm has been saying for some time: transparency is everything.   At IBAS, we find ourselves increasingly often watching developing issues facing the betting industry and thinking: “we...

Cheltenham Festival case reveals deep inconsistencies

Betting Business - Cheltenham Festival Grosvenor Ahead successful case
In January 2017, one multi-site operator was reprimanded for the closure of several winning accounts during last year’s Cheltenham Festival. This case highlights the necessity of abiding by your own Ts and Cs, argues IBAS’ John Samuels.   The now well-documented mission by the Gambling Commission to improve standards in the gambling industry continues and, in January 2017, one licensed operator...

As the industry expands, there’s ever-more room for disputes

Betting Business John Samuels IBAS misleading
IBAS’s John Samuels cautions that, with increasing opportunities for customers to gamble, there are ever-more customer service pitfalls for operators to fall into.   Last year saw IBAS reach its 18th birthday and ‘celebrate’ with a record number of over 7000 adjudication requests. There are other Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) providers in the gambling industry, but IBAS received more than 90...

So, that was 2016. What now?

Betting Business, John Samuels, IBAS, AdoptIt Publishing, Ashley Sandyford-Sykes,Dina Ttius, Donald Trump, 2016
If there’s one thing the politics of the past year has taught us, it’s that change for the sake of change is not necessary a good thing - and it can be disastrous. At a time of year when all eyes are on the innovators to find the “next big thing," it might also be a good idea to take...

True social responsibility involves some team-work

Betting Business, John Samuels, IBAS, social responsibility
Following this year’s Betting on Sports Conference, IBAS’ John Samuels comments on the need for co-operation within gaming to truly tackle fraud and become a socially responsible industry. Too many operators still feel that their competitors aren’t playing fair on social responsibility. It’s time to ditch the dog-eat-dog attitude and work together to fight fraud. An interesting time was spent at...

Are operators really offering the ‘best price in the village’?

IBAS John Samuels
In his second piece on misleading terms and conditions, IBAS’ John Samuels explores how operators can give consumers a fairer deal on odds in the event of administrative errors.   My last article touched on the surprise some might feel when considering the detail of certain operator terms and conditions. Here is just one example where IBAS feels that most operators...