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Hyperion playing hard for a win-win all round

Hyperion Stav Zilbershtein
Stav Zilbershtein will be unveiling Hyperion’s new iGaming integrations team shortly and as a sneak preview of what the industry can expect from this pioneering development the phrase ‘creating powerful technology driven solutions’, gives a pretty good idea of where Zilbershtein is heading...

Hyperion: Unlocking the brightest minds in IT to offer infinite scalability

Exploring teamwork, transparency and talent, CEO and founder Stav Zilbershtein outlines how Hyperion has cultivated a climate of creativity to bring together some of tech’s brightest minds on a mission to disrupt the IT outsourcing market....

The Disruptors: Meet Hyperion, the special forces of the IT sector, with a mission to change the face of outsourcing

Stav Zilbershtein Hyperion
Hyperion CEO and Founder Stav Zilbershtein explains how he's disrupting the traditional it sourcing market by being transparent, proactive and providing a tailor made team solution in order to meet the needs of clients.