Wednesday, June 16, 2021


GBGC: Global igaming model prepares for major changes

GBGC Global iGaming model prepares major changes cryptocurrency
The true advent of cryptocurrencies and an international effort to harmonise corporation tax have long been foretold, writes Warwick Bartlett, chief executive of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants. Both are now palpable, and set to shake the foundations of the global online gaming industry.

GBGC: Drone racing gets betting boost

Drone racing GBGC
Having long foretold the peculiar but pragmatic potential of betting on drones, Lorien Pilling of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, notes that one major US operator is beginning to take bets on it across at least five states.

Bartlett: “Very few see the UK market as one with any opportunity left in it”

Warwick Bartlett GBGC
Warwick Bartlett, CEO of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, suggests that William Hill’s sale to Caesars Entertainment, and the operator’s decision to focus exclusively on the emerging US sports betting market, is symptomatic of an increasingly challenging business environment in the UK

GBGC: Demand and recovery in global gambling

GBGC Demand and recovery in global gaming
The pain of the pandemic may be prolonged by a new phase of lockdowns, writes Tihana Jurican of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants - but with a slew gambling expansions approved across the US in November - it would seem demand is one problem the industry does not have.

Investors pile in on post-lockdown betting frenzy

post-lockdown betting frenzy
With lockdowns lifting across the globe and all major sports back on the menu, bookmakers are hoping for a splurge of withheld spending. Although much depends on the speed and shape of economic recovery.

Sport and retail gaming emerges from lockdown

Sport retail gaming emerges from lockdown
Sixteen weeks on from when the pandemic first began disheveling revenues in Macau, retail gambling businesses are tentatively reopening their doors - albeit to a very different world.

UK taxman’s VAT appeal on FOBTs dismissed

Lorien Pilling GBGC HMRC VAT tribunal comment
The Upper Tribunal has dismissed HMRC’s appeal relating to the VAT treatment of fixed odds betting terminals (FOBTs) - write GBGC’s Lorien Pilling - which could lead to VAT refunds for the UK’s bookmakers.

Gambling industry grapples with global lockdown

Covid-19 lockdown coronavirus
With Covid-19 forcing workers to stay at home and almost every retail outlet to close its doors, gambling firms are turning to online revenues where they can - and government support where they can’t.

GBGC: High street betting shops at an all-time low

UK Betting Shops all time low
The number of UK betting shops is at its lowest level since they were legalised in 1961, according to Global betting and Gaming Consultants

GBGC: Picking the best of a bad bunch

Warwick Bartlett GBGC election manifesto UK
Warwick Bartlett, chief executive of the Isle of Man based consultancy firm, GBGC, give his rather gloomy assessment on what this election means for the future of British gambling

UK election hopefuls put gambling in the crosshairs

Election Gambling Commission Westminster
As British voters head towards the third general election in just four years, it appears all the manifestos on offer include a significant tightening of..

GBGC: Picking the best of a bad bunch

Warwick Bartlett, chief executive of the Isle of Man-based consultancy firm, GBGC, weighs up what's on offer for British gambling in this election.   There are two considerations for the gambling industry in the General Election. Who offers the best outcome for the gambling industry, the Conservative Party, presently the Government or the Labour Party? Of the two parties which one...

Betting shop closures: reality bites

bookmakers betting shop closures
Ministers must have thought the bookmakers were bluffing in their warning of how many shops would close, writes GBGC’s Lorein Pilling. Unfortunately that..

GBGC maps variation in FOBT fallout

GBGC maps variation in FOBT fallout
Two months on since the £2 FOBT stake was implemented, GBGC's Lorien Pilling looks at the early impact on bookmakers across the country.

GBGC: The industry needs a good story to tell

GBGC, gambling commission, industry, sector, Warwick Bartlett, Global Betting and Gaming Consultants
Warwick Bartlett, chief executive of Isle of Man- based Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, shares his prescription for the UK’s gaming market in 2019. iGAMING TIMES: What would say have been the UK sector’s greatest achievements in 2018?

GBGC boss: Africa is fulfilling its potential

Warwick Bartlett
Africa has long been spoken of as the next frontier for the gaming industry, says Warwick Bartlett, CEO of Isle of Man-based consultancy firm, GBGC. It appears now the wait is over, and Africa is very much open for business. In 2013 KPMG were kind enough to give me…

Brexit: what now for UK gambling?

Betting Business, Brexit gambling Lorien Pilling
As the dust begins to settle after a stormy month in British politics, Lorien Pilling, director of Global Gaming and Betting Consultants (GBGC), assesses the potential consequences of the ‘Brexit’ vote for the UK’s booming gaming industry.   The referendum is over but the political and economic fallout is only just beginning. So what has happened in the weeks after the...

Global Betting and Gaming Consultants – Betting: the global state of play

As another summer of sports starts, with both the Euro 2016 football championships and Olympic Games to look forward to, Lorien Pilling, director of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants (GBGC), gives an update on the state of play within the global betting sector based on insights from its annual Global Gaming Report.   “Based on research for the new, 11th edition...

The long journey toward regulation in the Netherlands

Several operators - including many of the major players - have been eagerly awaiting the issuance of iGaming licences in the Netherlands for years, but it finally looks like the arduous journey could be coming to an end, writes Global Betting & Gaming Consultants (GBGC) director Lorien Pilling.   “The process of regulating internet gambling in the Netherlands makes the saga...