Wednesday, February 1, 2023

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Dugher: The government should ignore the extremists and stick with evidence

Michael Dugher - government should ignore the extremists and stick with evidence
In gambling regulation, just as in politics, sensible moderate solutions are too often drowned out by a shouting match between the extremes. In a parliament facing piece for PolHome, Michael Dugher, CEO of the UK’s Betting and Gambling Council, urges the government to stand firm and engage with the facts

‘Gambling won’t decide the next election – but Red Wall voters will’

Michael Dugher Betting and Gaming Council Gambling Review Betting limits
Elaborating on the widespread unpopularity of state-imposed betting limits, Michael Dugher, chief executive of the UK Betting and Gaming Council, writes for PolHome on the dangers of too much regulation - which will not only undermine the market, but the northern Tory vote.

EFL fights back against gambling sponsorship ban

Gambling sponsorship ban
Banning gambling sponsorship would be catastrophic for football, says Rick Parry, chairman of the English Premier League - who claims it would decimate smaller clubs and do nothing to reduce problem gambling

Peter Hannibal: Counting casualties from UK review

Peter Hannibal GBG department
Peter Hannibal, CEO of the Gambling Business Group in the UK, seeks any scraps of comfort as reputations are trashed in an internecine war. Isn’t it fabulous that at last we now all know the outcome of the DCMS’s Gambling Review. Whilst some are still inevitably...