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EFL fights back against gambling sponsorship ban

Gambling sponsorship ban
Banning gambling sponsorship would be catastrophic for football, says Rick Parry, chairman of the English Premier League - who claims it would decimate smaller clubs and do nothing to reduce problem gambling

Ukraine draft gambling laws continue to loosen

Ukraine gambling act
Ukraine gambling act is becoming ever more liberal as it meanders through the machinations of the Rada - but increasingly bogged down by corruption concerns

Markets spooked ahead of UK gambling review

Markets UK Gambling Review
Investors have been offloading gambling stock through February amid concerns that political appeasement may trump the diligence that a rare rewriting of gambling legislation deserves.   British gambling stocks have still not recovered from a £500m sell-off mid-February, triggered by fears that £2 maximum stakes may also apply online. This one measure alone is estimated to reduce the UK’s online sector by...

Switzerland votes to block international operators

Switzerland flag
In a referendum that has divided the old from the young, Switzerland voted overwhelmingly in favour of a regulated market for online gaming, but one that blocks out international players. The new Gambling Act, which will be one of the strictest regimes in Europe…