Thursday, August 5, 2021

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Fadja 2018: A ‘success for the whole LatAm region’, says BtoBet chairman

BtoBet LatAm region
Last week’s Fadja Expo proved to be a main point of reference for operators in the Latin American market and BtoBet’s chairman, Alessandro Fried, had positive insights on the ever evolving and expanding market in this region. Fried stated that Columbia was “setting and example” that the whole region could follow. “Such a strong regulatory scene will in turn guarantee a...

Zitro to bring latest products to Fadja expo

fadja zitro
At Fadja Colombia booth 57, Zitro will be showcasing the latest of its growing and successful range of products for Casinos operators. Under its brand of Video Slots BRYKE, Zitro will showcase its latest progressive banks, all of which are multi-games, and are designed to offer the widest range of experiences to the players and the highest profits for operators. These...

Fadja, Colombia 2018: Opportunity to meet leading technological partners

fadja btobet
During the last few years Colombia has certainly set the trend for the Latam iGaming industry. Not only is it the first country to embrace a regulatory framework in this respect, but a number of other jurisdictions in the region are expected to follow suite in the next couple of years. Whilst this promises to reshape and further strengthen the...

Btobet: Colombia is an opportunity for the whole LatAm region

BtoBet has released its latest Industry Report on the Latin American market in the run-up to the Fadja conference next month.   In an extract, the report reads: “With Colombia setting itself as a leader in the Latin American iGaming market, and with a number of other jurisdictions expected to follow in its steps in the next couple of years, there...