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EU Commission consults on new money-laundering protocols

EU Anti money laundering protocols
In its response to a recent European Commission consultation, EGBA outlines its support for a consistent application of anti-money laundering (AML) rules across the EU and its commitment to promote the highest standards of AML compliance in Europe’s online gambling sector.

Trade bodies unite, call for return of EU Commission-level gambling group

Trade Bodies unite call return EU commission level gambling group
17 trade associations, representing the leading online gambling operators in the EU, have sent a joint letter to the European Commissioner for Internal Market, Thierry Breton, calling on the EC to re-establish the EU Expert Group on Gambling Services.

Gibraltar rather ‘walk’ from EU trade deal, than sever ties with UK

Gibraltar jurisdictions
After the Spanish Secretary of State assured Spain would have the “final say” on Gibraltar in any EU-UK trade talks...

EGBA in new push for European harmony

EGBA, Europe, brexit, eu
Only one of the EU’s 25 member states, Denmark, has introduced the Commission’s guidelines on consumer protection, says the EGBA, as it calls for greater regulatory harmony across the bloc. A City University London study, “Consumer protection in EU…

Spanish operators to lose out in proposed advertising restrictions

SPAIN advertisment
The Spanish government has outlined plans to limit gambling advertising as part of its 2019 Budget submission to the European Union. The document, compiled by prime minister Pedro Sánchez and members of the Podemos party, aims to place restrictions…

Swiss voters back online restrictions in public referendum

Casino Review Swiss Switzerland
Swiss voters have endorsed a new gambling law blocking foreign online operators, after a referendum returned a results of 72.9 percent in favour. Organised by several political party youth groups, the referendum was designed to overturn the law…

Hungary ‘emboldened’ as EU defends apathy for igaming law

eu flag
The EU’s ombudsman has upheld the European Commission’s decision to wash its hands of online gambling - saying the executive had “wide discretion” to decide which parts of the treaties it would enforce and promote. The Commission had said its decision was purely administrative, made on the premise of prioritising resources “in line with its political commitment to be more...

European regulators pave way for online poker liquidity

liquidity European
Digital barriers that have separated major European online poker markets may soon be knocked down after France, Italy, Spain and Portugal signed an agreement on 6 July.   The accord signed by regulators of each country marks a huge step forward for online poker liquidity sharing in the EU - in other words, allowing licensed operators to combine player pools from...

How new data legislation will impact on European operators

How new data legislation will impact on European operators
The EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation due to come into effect next May - will undoubtedly be seen as yet another suffocating burden on operators in an already tight market. Yet experts suggest the new emphasis on data management could eventually provide the antidote to a number of other regulatory headaches. New EU data protection rules are due...

Gibraltar’s tax challenge comes to a close

Betting Business - Gibraltar Brexit Girls Gibraltar's
Gibraltar's attempt to escape a UK tax on offshore betting fell at the final hurdle on Tuesday 13 March, as the EU’s top court ruled ‘the Rock’ could not be considered a separate entity for tax purposes.   The European Court of Justice was called to make a final decision, after Gibraltar's Betting and Gaming Association (GBGA) argued at the UK’s...

Not-so-new German Gambling Treaty passed by states

Betting Business - German states
Germany’s sixteen states have agreed to pass a revised version of its Interstate Gambling Treaty that will allow for the issuance of forty sports-betting licences throughout the country by January 2018.   The move aims to break the legal deadlock that Germany has been facing over the past few years, paving the way for potential liberalisation of online casino games. But...

UKGC: Out of the EU but not out of Europe

Betting Business - Gambling Commission Sarah Harrison EU
CEO of the Gambling Commission, Sarah Harrison, hints at the future of UK regulation outside of the EU, and urges the industry to keep improving trust in its consumers.   Changes are afoot in UK gaming. With Brexit now looming, questions arise as to how separation from the supra-state will affect cross-border cooperation with other regulators, particularly in areas of money...

Britain’s AGCs confronted with looming MLD

Betting Business, EU Money Laundering
The Government will conclude a consultation on the implementation of the EU’s Fourth Money Laundering Directive this week which could have consequences for the UK’s gaming industry as a whole. Beware - the UK’s family run businesses will be facing more red tape and bureaucracy.   Despite the outcome of June’s Brexit referedum, the UK remains a full EU Member State...