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Feds seek to contain US betting with ‘unprecedented’ bill

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The first federal sports betting bill was finally filed in December that would give the central government unprecedented power to decide - case-by-case - which states could pass new gaming laws. A bipartisan sports betting bill entered congress…

Juegos Miami to highlight why bridges are better than walls when it comes to gaming in Mexico

Casino Review - Juegos Miami Mexico
This year's Juegos Miami conference and exhibition will feature a session chaired by AIEJA's Cynthia Fragoso Fesh discussing the US' growing tension with Mexico alongside the market's huge potential.   The impact of Donald Trump’s ‘America First’ hardline economic and foreign policy on neighbouring countries in Latin and South America will be among the subjects for discussion and debate at the...

Paddy Power turns to Trump in an undersporting 2017

Betting Business - Paddy Power Donald Trump 2017
Paddy Power pushes its political betting odds during 2017 with a focus on Donald Trump to make up for lack of major sporting events this year.   A year of no major sporting tournaments is normally bad news or bookmakers, but for one creative odds-bod 2017 offers another way to keep people betting. Despite political betting - and Donald Trump in particular...

AGA: ‘Perfect storm’ to repeal federal sports betting ban

Betting Business - AGA Geoff Freeman Sports betting ban
The American Gaming Association’s Geoff Freeman describes the mounting pressures against the 25- year-old federal ban on US sports betting.   A perfect storm is brewing across the US which could lead to a regulated sports betting market sooner than expected, says CEO of the American Gaming Association, Geoff Freeman. The ballooning illegal betting market in the States combined with a growing...

Could fresh scandal spell the end of Sessions?

Betting Business - Jeff Sessions Donald Trump iGaming scandal
Donald Trump’s attorney general, Jeff Sessions, who only last month threatened to wipe out the US online gaming industry with the stroke of his pen, could yet be the victim of his own untimely end. Whilst he seems likely to hang on in there, will he now have to show some restraint with that pen?   The scandal ensnaring one of...

Trump: A battle for no man’s land

Betting Business - Trump: A battle for no man’s land
A combination of conservative morals and economic pragmatism has left US gaming law in a state of flux. Yet with a nepotistic businessman and former casino tycoon heading for the White House, everything is to play for in 2017. Understanding The Donald is big business in itself. The term Trumpology, a play on the Cold War art of guessing what...

So, that was 2016. What now?

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If there’s one thing the politics of the past year has taught us, it’s that change for the sake of change is not necessary a good thing - and it can be disastrous. At a time of year when all eyes are on the innovators to find the “next big thing," it might also be a good idea to take...

Global markets: Life after Trump

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Consulting editor at The Economist and renowned geo-political journalist, John Andrews, gave delegates at the Malta iGaming Seminar his predictions for 2017’s post-Trump global economy. The events of 2016 have sent shockwaves through global political and financial systems; even betting markets have had their fair share of surprises. Looking forward, investing in 2017 will require companies to navigate an unfamiliar terrain....

Will The Donald turn up trumps for online gaming?

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With a former casino owner in the White House it’s tempting to start celebrating the imminent liberalisation of US gaming laws. Our guest writer Warwick Bartlett, CEO of Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, warns that this  is far from a foregone conclusion.   It is hard to believe that a candidate for president of the United States has previously owned casinos...

Betfair announce Trump hits lowest Exchange price as market hits £39 million

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With an exchange price low of 2.9, Betfair have given Donald Trump a 34 percent chance of winning the election.   Betfair has announced that Republican candidate Donald Trump has hit his ‘lowest exchange’ price at 2.9. The Betfair exchange now gives Trump a 34 percent chance of winning the US Election on 8 November. In favour of Trumps White House quest,...