Thursday, December 8, 2022

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Trump-era Wire Act interpretation overturned in appellate court

Wire Act interpretation overturned US
In the first days of the new US administration, justices of the First Circuit Court of appeals have overturned efforts by its predecessor to turn the 1961 Wire Act into an federal online gambling ban. Digital lotteries, poker and other casino products can now resume with confidence - although interstate sports betting remains in legal limbo for now.

Justice thwarted by New Hampshire court dismissal

Wire Act New Hampshire Court Dismissal
The US Department of Justice says it won’t enforce its controversial Wire Act opinion until at least 2020, after a judge in New Hampshire threw it out of court

Should state lotteries be the gatekeepers of US Betting?

State Lotteries Charlie McIntyre Paul Sternberg
The New Hampshire Lottery’s Charlie McIntyre and Spectrum Gaming’s Paul Sternberg, offer a robust defence of state lotteries right to survive - and even..

DoJ vacillates on Wire Act opinion as deputy AG resigns

Wire Act DoJ
As the US Department of Justice further complicates its own interpretation of the Wire Act, a federal judge predicts the case could follow PASPA to..

Michigan keeps betting aflame despite chilling DoJ opinion

Michigan, betting, usa, DoJ, opinion
Michigan state representative, Brandt Iden, and author of the recently vetoed Lawful Internet Gaming Act, explains why he’s undeterred by last month’s legal spanner from the Department of Justice - and will be introducing updated legislation before the spring.

DoJ defends Wire Act opinion, denies corruption

DoJ, defend, Wire Act, opinion, corruption
From Lottery providers to attorney generals, state governors and judiciary committees, the US Department of Justice’s decision to reinterpret the 1961 Wire Act has come under sustained attack through February. While a preliminary injunction…

US betting bills press on, despite DoJ opinion

US, betting bills, press on, DoJ, opinion
Another cohort of US states introduced new betting bills towards to the end of January, apparently undeterred by the utterances of the Department of Justice. Massachusetts, Hawaii, Arizona, Virginia and New Hampshire all have legislation on their books…

Assessing the implications of January’s DoJ bombshell

wire act, usa
Two weeks since US gaming was rattled by yet another reinterpretation of the 1961 Wire Act, lawyers and lawmakers offer their initial predictions on who’s likely to be affected and how hard. ANTHONY CABOT... ON DAILY FANTASY SPORTS VERSUS MOBILE WAGERING

Investors cool on Wire Act confusion

Wire Act, doj, investors, usa
The DoJ’s reinterpretation of the 1961 Wire Act could impact lotteries, poker and mobile sports betting, lawyers say - but is likely to spend several years in court before being enforced. American gaming stocks have returned to trend after a new opinion…