Monday, November 28, 2022

Tag: Dave Shuman

Real-time analytics: Online gaming’s indelible affiliate

Betting Business Cloudera
Dave Shuman of cloud computing unicorn, Cloudera, speaks with Betting Business about the sophisticated art of real-time analytics, a sector which he believes is quickly becoming synonymous with online gaming success.   Only eight years old and open source software firm Cloudera is already worth an estimated $4bn, and a formidable player in the Silicon landscape. In recent times the cloud...

Cloud computing: do or die for online gaming?

Betting Business Cloud
iGaming has long been dubious about outsourcing its most sensitive player data to third parties, thus far missing out on the cloud computing revolution. Industry innovators tell Betting Business why it’s high time operators took the plunge.   The iGaming industry is not often accused of being slow on the uptake. While other sectors nervously adopt a wait-and-see strategy, online gaming...