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Asian gaming markets resume restrictions amid covid comeback

Asian Gaming markets resume restrictions amid covid comeback
Having returned to something-like-normal before the western world, many Asian gaming markets are now reintroducing travel restrictions as covid cases begin to rise again

SoftSwiss Q1 2021 Game Aggregator report shows threefold increase in Total Bets and GGR

SoftSwiss Game Aggregator Q1 Report
According to the SoftSwiss Game Aggregator Q1 2021 corporate report, “the Total Bets and GGR has increased nearly threefold in Q1 2021, compared to the same period back in 2020”, said Andrey Starovoitov, COO at SoftSwiss.

How Parimatch’s anti-crisis communication kept employees feeling cared for and focused

Parimatch Andrii Suslenko
Open and honest dialogue have been the key to Parimatch’s anti-crisis communication strategy, which has been supporting the company’s employees through months of lockdowns and quarantines.

BGC pushes for policy support for retail betting

Betting And Gaming Council BGC retail government
Government should put the UK’s retail betting sector at the heart of its efforts to boost high street activity after covid, the Betting and Gaming Council has said.

Covid recovery splitting into winners and losers

Covid recovery
Developed economies are noticing huge disparities between which sectors are recovering after lockdowns, and which are not - a K-shaped trend which the gambling industry is struggling to escape.

California backtracks on betting after tribal veto

California state senate backtrack betting tribal
A flurry of activity to get sports betting on the books in California in June has come to nought after heavy oppositions from tribal stakeholders.

Moving forward: Lessons learned for the lottery sector

Spinola Gaming Lottery post Covid-19
Spinola Gaming CEO Ade Repcenko takes a look at the realities that Covid-19 made businesses face over the past few months, what the ‘new normal’ looks like for the lottery sector, and lessons learned that can help businesses prepare for what might be a second wave in the coming months.

Philippines bids POGOs resume to shore up coffers

Philippines regulator gambling sector Andrea Domingo
The Philippines’ regulator has cleared its offshore online gambling sector for a partial return to operations - in an effort to generate more taxes for fighting the covid pandemic

European states begin lifting retail restrictions

Europe restrictions beginning to be lifted man mask venice
As infection rates in Europe begin to decline, member states are slowly lifting restrictions. Germany has permitted small retail spaces to open; Poland has made parks and forests accessible to the public again; children in Norway can return to kindergarten while open markets in the Czech Republic will be permitted to trade.

Digitain: A Post-summit roundup

Simon Westbury Head of International Business Development Digitain
Simon Westbury, Head of Sales at Digitain, writes about the first SBC Digital Summit, the industry’s exemplary resilience through the coronavirus pandemic - and Digitain’s own determination to harness new technologies and meet the challenges of the day.

Parimatch: Staying cool in a crisis

Parimatch PM GO 5.0
Highlighting the importance of remaining calm under pressure at Parimatch’s first external owned event ‘PM GO 5.0’, Sergey Portnov, CEO of Parimatch, revealed how the leading bookmaker has adapted well to the current crisis by strengthening its weak spots and finding solutions to the lack of sport to offer odds on. there is, however, no substitute for the real thing.

Betcentric African businesses hit hard by covid closures

Africa businesses hit gambling covid-19
Retail-reliant and sport-centric African gambling markets are struggling to switch players into novel sports and products through covid-related closures - even where regulation permits

Covid kicks Brazilian sports betting into 2021

Sports gambling betting brazil postponed until 2021
Although sports betting has been formally approved in Brazil, legislators have postponed efforts to launch the market this year as priorities shift to tackling the covid-19 pandemic.

Portugal, Latvia restrict online gambling through lockdown

Portugal online gaming restricted during lockdown
In Portugal, Bill-326, proposes to establish “partial or total limitations on access to online gaming platforms” after noting a double-digit spike since residents have been in lockdown.

Casino closures could cost $39bn, say trade bodies

casinos closures vegas covid-19
As casinos continue to eat through cash in an empty Vegas, many are eager to reopen their doors. While something like business as usual may soon return to Macau, many expect the impact on Nevada to be both longer and deeper

Soft and skill gaming options spike online through lockdowns

Soft Skill poker bingo Gaming spike online
Since the very first days of lockdowns being announced across European markets, both online poker and bingo have enjoyed huge spikes in Google search term

Comment: Laying a foundation for the future

lockdown governments Laying foundations for future
Governments around the world have an unprecedented crisis on their hands, and how they treat workers and industries in the toughest times imaginable can tell us a lot about what sort of society they want to be in the future

Saved by the state, shaped by the state

governments opinion
In response to the current crisis, governments the world over are once again turning to the Keynes playbook - printing cash on an unprecedented scale to maintain some semblance of economy until the storm passes.

“The show must go on” for Digitian

Digitain show must go on Sportsbook
Sportsbook and platform provider Digitain has announced it will “take a stand against the COVID-19 downturn” by boosting its catalogue of alternative markets to the front of its product suite.

NSoft offers two month Coronavirus fee suspension

NSoft fees Virtual Sports
NSoft has announced that it will offer its portfolio of virtual and draw-based games free of charge to operators, in order to assist businesses and partners affected by the outbreak of Coronavirus.

William Hill withholds dividend as stock plummets

William Hill Financials
Already laden with debt due to shop closures in the UK and expansion in the US, William Hill may struggle to stay afloat during an ongoing retail lockdown and the suspension of sports.

BetConstruct offers support to land casinos amid COVID-19 pandemic

BetConstruct Live Casino Covid-19
The response actions to COVID-19 outbreak cause massive shutdowns of gambling hotspots for the safety of both visitors and casino employees leading to significant revenue drops..

UK Racing seeks relief during six week shut down

UK Racing Nick Rust
Having announced mid-March that British horse racing would continue behind closed doors, the sport now faces a full shutdown until the end of April - and a devastating loss of income.

Gambling industry grapples with global lockdown

Covid-19 lockdown coronavirus
With Covid-19 forcing workers to stay at home and almost every retail outlet to close its doors, gambling firms are turning to online revenues where they can - and government support where they can’t.