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H2: Prepare for ‘completely different operating system’

H2 Gambling Capital Simon Holliday operating system
Speaking at the digitised ICE North America conference in mid-May, Simon Holliday, Founder of H2 Gambling Capital, offered a nuanced projection for how the industry is likely to recover through 2020 and beyond.

Retail betting opens in Michigan, as sports events close

Michigan Lion retail betting sportsbook
Retail betting officially kicked off in Michigan, signalling the end of one of America’s most pained and protracted legislative efforts to launch since..

Replacing the cancelled sports calendar

a game above
Focus upon the player experience to captivate customers, writes Steen Madsen, CEO of A GAME ABOVE.com  COVID19: Yet another challenge  As an Industry, Betting & Gaming has lived through cancelled sports fixtures on an individual basis, from time to time. Nothing, however, comes close to the cancellations and postponements witnessed recently. Only the UK’s 2001 Foot & Mouth crisis, which decimated...

State interventions: mixed blessings for gambling firms

Unprecedented stimulus packages have assured consumer demand remains buoyant through the coronavirus pandemic. This bodes well for online firms while..

Proxy betting: a casino’s friend in times of crisis

proxy betting shaun McCamley
As the land-based gaming industry feels the flow on effects from Covid-19, having a trusted and user-friendly live streaming platform for your players to wager through would certainly be a welcome addition. According to Shaun McCamley, managing partner at Euro Asia Pacific Consultancy - this is precisely where proxy betting comes into its own.   As we know from past experiences,...