Friday, February 23, 2024

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Online bookmaker performance grilled on race day

BBi - Grand National Bookmakers race day
In an increasingly competitive and low-margin market for online sports betting, loading times and bets-per-minute have come to define the industry’s winners and losers. The Grand National results were mixed on race day, yet even the fastest off the block may be wishing they’d slowed down their Scottish customers this year.   As forty horses took to the field in the...

Catchpoint data reveals poor web service from bookies at Grand National

Betting Business - CatchPoint Grand NAtional
The major UK online bookies provided slow customer digital experience for this year’s Grand National according to analysis by digital intelligence firm, Catchpoint.   Data from the digital performance intelligence firm, Catchpoint, has revealed most of the major UK bookmakers provided slower and poorer than average web performance and digital experience for their customers, despite Grand National being the online betting...