Friday, February 23, 2024

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BHA warns of No Deal Brexit impact on thoroughbred transportation

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The British Horseracing Association has warned that a No Deal Brexit could pose a threat to the free movement of thoroughbreds through the UK, France and Ireland. The association’s corporate affairs manager, Ross Hamilton, warned that a poorly…

Betway becomes Authorised Betting Partner

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The online bookmaker achieves the coveted status in return for voluntary payments to fund British racing.   Betway have signed a three-year deal with British racing to become an Authorised Betting Partner (ABP). The firm is now making voluntary payments to help fund British racing and, in turn, will receive a number of benefits of being an ABP. These include the ability to...

BHA partners with Genius Sports to enhance integrity monitoring capabilities

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BHA will utilise Genius Sports’ Price Monitoring System to help investigate irregular betting patterns. The British Horseracing Authority (BHA) has moved to strengthen its integrity monitoring provisions by utilising Genius Sports’ ‘Price Monitoring System’, which will help it analyse and investigate irregular betting patterns in real-time. Delivered by Genius Sports’ proprietary Sport Integrity Monitor (SportIM) platform, the Price Monitoring System will...