Wednesday, March 29, 2023

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Dugher: The government should ignore the extremists and stick with evidence

Michael Dugher - government should ignore the extremists and stick with evidence
In gambling regulation, just as in politics, sensible moderate solutions are too often drowned out by a shouting match between the extremes. In a parliament facing piece for PolHome, Michael Dugher, CEO of the UK’s Betting and Gambling Council, urges the government to stand firm and engage with the facts

UK Lords report claims tax and job windfall from gambling reform

Lords report claims tax and job windfall gambling reform
A House of Lords group claims that widespread reform of British gambling laws will lead to a huge increase in tax receipts for the state – rather than a shortfall – and create thousands of jobs. However the counterintuitive suggestions have been dismissed by industry as a “fantasy”.

‘Gambling won’t decide the next election – but Red Wall voters will’

Michael Dugher Betting and Gaming Council Gambling Review Betting limits
Elaborating on the widespread unpopularity of state-imposed betting limits, Michael Dugher, chief executive of the UK Betting and Gaming Council, writes for PolHome on the dangers of too much regulation - which will not only undermine the market, but the northern Tory vote.

BGC pushes for policy support for retail betting

Betting And Gaming Council BGC retail government
Government should put the UK’s retail betting sector at the heart of its efforts to boost high street activity after covid, the Betting and Gaming Council has said.

Business rate relief expanded to gaming firms

UK High Street Bookmakers
High street bookmakers have been thrown a vital lifeline, with the chancellor Rishi Sunak announcing they are now eligible for business rate relief.

Banks and big tech must ‘play role’ in reducing harm, say UK firms

Banks Big Tech play role reduce harm
Speaking at a House of Lords committee hearing, execs from the UK’s top five gambling firms urged ministers to focus regulatory initiatives on affordability and channeling - and for banks and tech companies to do their bit too

Underage gambling in the regulatory crosshairs for 2020

underage gambling 2020
The New Year promises further regulatory tightening in mature markets; the impact of gambling on the young and under-aged is becoming a dominant theme. As..

Betting and Gaming Council divides industry opinion

Betting and Gaming Council divides industry opinion
Does the industry’s new lobby group represent much needed cooperation between factious sectors, or a monolithic powerbroker in which some voices will be more equal than others?