Friday, February 23, 2024

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Apple blocks gambling apps in “unfortunate” mistake

Apple has been harangued by gaming developers after it heavy handedly removed the wrong apps from its App Store. The tech giant was responding to a request from the Norwegian regulator that it makes gambling and gambling-related apps unavailable to Norwegian residents - in order to comply with national regulation and to support its ongoing effort to tackle problem gambling. Apple...

Metal Casino set to rock online casino sector

BBI - Metal Casino rock
A new online casino platform has been launched as the world’s first gaming site for hard rock enthusiasts combining metal music and casino games.   The Malta-based Metal Casino has been created by a tight team of gaming, music and marketing experts, including former executives at Apple, Microsoft, Universal Music, Spotify and Mr Green, who are also heavy guitar music lovers. The...

Experts question the place of VR and AR in gaming

Betting Business, AR, VR
Technology experts from Alea, Apple and AppReal discuss the potential of VR and AR for the iGaming markets and the lack of innovative ideas in the industry. In a lively debate at this year’s EiG expo, three tech moguls took an in-depth look at the potential for virtual and augmented reality technology in the iGaming space - and lamented the...

iPhone 7 promises best iGaming experience ever

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Apple is launching its iPhone 7 series 16 September equipped with the A10 Fusion chip enabling the fastest and most colourful iGaming experience yet devised.   It has almost become a day of celebration. September is iPhone release month and this time around, Apple is releasing two new additions to their already game-changing technology in the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7...