Monday, February 26, 2024

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EU Commission consults on new money-laundering protocols

EU Anti money laundering protocols
In its response to a recent European Commission consultation, EGBA outlines its support for a consistent application of anti-money laundering (AML) rules across the EU and its commitment to promote the highest standards of AML compliance in Europe’s online gambling sector.

Neccton & Fraugster Go All-In Against Online Gambling Fraud

Payment security company Fraugster has joined forces with data science and AI specialist neccton to create a safer, more secure online gambling experience for both operators and players.

AMLD 4: A paradigm shift for remote gaming

BBi - Remote Gaming Reuben
With the deadline for implementation of the EU’s fourth anti-money laundering directive having passed, Reuben Portanier, founder of Avviza and former CEO of the Malta Gaming Authority, assesses the impact it will have on Europe’s remote gaming sector.   The EU’s fourth AMLD is nothing less than a paradigm shift in Europe’s remote gaming industry, lawyers have warned, which could see...

Industry dodges EU’s 4th AML directive, for now

Betting Business - EU directive AML
The European Union’s fourth anti-money laundering directive will not apply to the majority of the UK gambling industry for the time being.   Most of the UK gambling industry will be relieved to find themselves exempt from the EU’s fourth anti-money laundering directive, although the Commission maintains their “low risk” status is “not static.” The AMLD’s predecessor, the third directive, only applied...

Britain’s AGCs confronted with looming MLD

Betting Business, EU Money Laundering
The Government will conclude a consultation on the implementation of the EU’s Fourth Money Laundering Directive this week which could have consequences for the UK’s gaming industry as a whole. Beware - the UK’s family run businesses will be facing more red tape and bureaucracy.   Despite the outcome of June’s Brexit referedum, the UK remains a full EU Member State...

Betfred shells out £800,000 to good causes following GC report

Under a settlement reached in conjunction with the UK’s Gambling Commission, Betfred will donate £800,000 to socially responsible causes as well as undertaking an extensive audit of its anti-money laundering procedures and customer care policies   Betfred has opted to pay £800,000 to the victims of crime and selected socially responsible causes after the Gambling Commission reported that the bookmaker had...