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SoftSwiss Anti-fraud service resolves more than 70 players complaints worth 370,000+ euro in 9 months

SoftSwiss managed services anti fraud
SoftSwiss is proud to announce that its anti-fraud service provided over 70 resolved complaints with a total refund sum exceeding 370,000+ euro over a 9-month period starting from July 2020.

SoftSwiss saves its clients over 10 million euro in 2020 via its Anti-Fraud Service

SoftSwiss logo anti-fraud savings
SoftSwiss is proud to announce that in 2020 the company’s anti-fraud and security checks service saved its clients an outstanding amount of 10 million euro.

Stephanie Grech – why anti-fraud is not designed to stop customers from playing

Betting Business iGaming Academy Stephanie Grech Fraud
Fraud is an unavoidable part of the gaming industry but as technology and awareness continues to progress it is a problem which is not without a solution.   When the iGaming Education Forum takes place during the SiGMA Conference in November (16/17/18), it will be aiming to ‘grow the industry through education’, and with the entire first day dedicated to Compliance,...