Monday, November 28, 2022

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Crypto Analytics by SOFTSWISS: trends and tendencies of the iGaming market

SOFTSWISS Analytics state of crypto
SOFTSWISS has prepared detailed analytics on the state of crypto gambling in 2021, and also presented forecasts for 2022.

Revealed: How bookies use technology to retain players

Artificial Intelligence
In response to a Guardian article charging British firms with using artificial intelligence “to keep gamblers hooked”, the RGA’s Clive Hawkswood and GBGC’s Warwick Bartlett discuss the complexities of escaping another nasty PR paradigm.

Football Whispers licences Stratagem’s global proprietary football analytics

BBi - Football whispers action
  London-based Stratagem Technologies has signed a partnership with sports technology company Football Whispers.   Using fundamental data supplied by a team of football experts based worldwide, Stratagem will supply Football Whispers proprietary football analysis across multiple leagues, globally. “The quality and integrity of our data is absolutely essential to delivering the highest accuracy transfer predictions for our audiences,” Vivion Cox, CEO...

Real-time analytics: Online gaming’s indelible affiliate

Betting Business Cloudera
Dave Shuman of cloud computing unicorn, Cloudera, speaks with Betting Business about the sophisticated art of real-time analytics, a sector which he believes is quickly becoming synonymous with online gaming success.   Only eight years old and open source software firm Cloudera is already worth an estimated $4bn, and a formidable player in the Silicon landscape. In recent times the cloud...