Thursday, December 8, 2022

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ACE 2019: Keeping up with the digital age

The inaugural Affiliate Conference and Exhibition (ACE) will present attendees with an unparalleled look into the burgeoning market sector. Ahead of the ACE 2019, show organiser Eventus International has assessed some of the top trends in the digital marketplace at present. Eventus International: "Banner ads, branded videos and articles, memes, gifs and the like, are some of the popular ways companies promote...

ACE 2019 offers unmissable affiliate brand opporunities

The Affiliate Conference and Expo 2019 will soon be held at the Solaire Resort in Manila, Philippines, providing attendees with an in-depth insight into the burgeoning affiliate marketplace. Ahead of ACE 2019, organiser Eventus International casts its eye over the crucial affiliate market. Eventus International: "With only 3 months left to go until the inaugural Affiliate Conference & Exhibition in Manila, the...

Learn from the experts at ACE 2019

The Affiliate Conference and Expo 2019 (ACE) aims to provide attendees with the tools to maximise their brand in a rapidly-changing online environment. Taking place 21 - 22 November 2019 at the Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila, Philippines, the Affiliate Conference and Expo 2019 (ACE) will provide a range of benefits for those in attendance. Show organisers, Eventus International...

Five reasons to attend Manila’s first Affiliate Conference and Expo

The Solaire Resort and Casino in Manila, the Philippines will hold host to the regions' first Affiliate Conference and Expo 21-22 November 2019. With more than 20 speakers and more than 15 topics to learn from, show organisers Eventus International shares its top reasons why you shouldn’t miss the Manila Affiliate Conference and Expo: Learn how to gain your audience’s...