Pascal Gaming releases a brand new table game

Pascal Gaming releases Non-Stop Blackjack
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Non-Stop Blackjack is the latest table game that Pascal Gaming is adding into its diverse portfolio.


Being one of the most popular table games, Non-Stop Blackjack can be seen in a new light with ultimate approaches like the recent implementation of provable fairness calculator, splendid storylines and unlimited number of players. All these features can certainly contribute to the increase of player engagement with their creativity and user-friendliness.

Non-Stop Blackjack is a popular card game that reveals a dealer’s box and a player’s box and allows an unlimited number of players to play in the same round and place bets during the betting time. To win the game, players must try to have 21 points and point more than the dealer’s cards.

This highly engaging and beloved game can increasingly boost player’s interest and be an amazing investment for the operators who strive to get higher revenues.

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