BETER enters into strategic partnership with Bayes Esports

BETER Bayes Esports partnership
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One of the betting industry’s leading provider of fast sports & esports content, live streaming, live data and odds, BETER has brokered a deal with esports data company Bayes Esports.


In addition to providing a significant impetus to the further growth of BETER’s esports department, this landmark deal will also allow BETER to supply odds with pin-point accuracy.

According to experts’ latest estimates, total esports viewership is projected to grow 9% annually over the next 2 years and reach 646 million views by 2023. In other words, the esports audience will be double in 2023 what it was in 2017. With this in mind, BETER constantly strives to further strengthen its dedicated esports department and improve the quality of services which it offers.

“We’re proud that we signed a partnership agreement with Bayes Esports. It will definitely help us achieve the goals set for 2021: to maximise the distribution of our content to new clients and markets, including in Asia, where betting also plays a big role. For more than three years, we at BETER continue to make BETERable content, as well as help our clients to harness new market opportunities and provide thrilling content for bettors,” said Alex Barkar, CEO at BETER.

As a part of the agreement, Bayes Esports will supply real-time data for popular esports tournaments to BETER, whereas BETER’s esports trading department will offer odds with even better accuracy and increase open odds uptime to 95%.

“We see this partnership as a great synergy of client-focused services and robust solutions. By combining our technology-driven products and machine learning algorithms with BETER’s trading team’s experience, we will make a real impact in the betting industry,” said Mark Balch, VP Esports Betting Services at Bayes.

BETER is a leading provider of fast sports & esports content, live streaming, live data, and odds for the betting industry. BETER powers Setka Cup and ESportsBattle tournaments, offers trading of world esports events and its content features on over 100 sportsbooks from around the world.

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