WePlay Esports and 1xBet: a partnership of leaders

1xBET WePlay esports collaboration
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1xBet became the first betting brand to support a new generation of esports titles. Starting with the first season of the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League (WUFL), the partnership will last throughout all WePlay Esports tournaments over 2021.


This collaboration of industry leaders aims to attract a new audience, as well as to make watching esports tournaments more exciting for fans.

Yevheniia Tymofieieva WePlay Esports

Yevheniia Tymofieieva, Sales Lead EMEA at WePlay Esports. Photo: WePlay Esports

“The WePlay Ultimate Fighting League Season 1 is the first big tournament for the FGC in 2021, and it’s also the next step in our long-term partnership with 1xBet. For the first time, the new season of the WUFL will also feature competitions in several titles over the course of a single event. When holding tournaments, we strive to give the audience the best possible experience, and this is where the common ground for our partnership was found,” says Yevheniia Tymofieieva, sales lead EMEA at WePlay Esports.

“Our format of collaboration with WePlay Esports should have a positive impact on the esports world. Together, we are driving new content trends around tournaments and taking the interactive aspect of watching them up a notch. To do this, we are ready to fuel the interest of the audience in new disciplines and expand into new regions. The coverage of the fighting game tournament in the CIS is a case in point. We are confident that this new chapter of our cooperation will be even more productive and will serve as a blueprint for organizing esports events,” said Alex Sommers, spokesman of 1xBet.

Valentyn Shevchenko, business development lead at WePlay Esports
Valentyn Shevchenko, business development lead at WePlay Esports. Photo: WePlay Esports

“In our partnership with 1xBet, we are not limited to integrations into the broadcast of our tournaments. It is close cooperation and work aimed at creating new products, both within the esports market and beyond. For us, the partnership with 1xBet is about moving the industry forward and generating new cases that will be useful to both the market and our audience,” noted Valentyn Shevchenko, business development lead at WePlay Esports. WUFL Season 1 will take place from March 25 to April 11, and will feature competitions in Mortal Kombat 11, SOULCALIBUR VI, and Tekken 7.

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