FruitRace: A unique game for fast wins by TVBet

TVBet FruitRace
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The igaming market is overwhelmed with gaming offerings and products, it is sometimes difficult to surprise players. Not so in this case, says TVBet, who promise something completely new and unique with their latest release: FruitRace.


FruitRace, like other TVBet games, is invented in TV format. It combines elements of traditional lottery games with racing mechanics at its core. The lotto machine is designed as a racing track.

The game uses ten drawing balls with pics: three blue balls with plums, three red balls with cherries, three yellow balls with lemons, and one orange ball with the number 7. Each game the lottery balls are released into the lottery drum, circle several times and, then, are randomly drawn into the result tube. The balls are stacked alongside the pics comparison panel to determine and display the result. The goal of the player is to place a bet and guess the highest number of matches. The bettor gets a win in case of 4 or more matches (10 maximum), or if the 7-ball matches. Also, it is possible to place bets up to 100 draws in advance.

Games are held every minute around the clock, 7 days a week. The betting round lasts about 30 seconds, the draw itself lasts about 30 seconds as well. Everything happens quickly and dynamically, not taking a lot of the punter’s time.



The game is really easy to understand and does not take much effort. This is one of the simplest, yet winning games in the industry. Thanks to this, FruitRace is gaining momentum and becoming more popular every day.


There has never been anything like this on the TV-game market before, and this makes FruitRace unique in its kind. Moreover, it is not so easy to surprise players and bettors with something new. But the game interface, simple rules, and quick rounds have pleased those who have already played the game.


The game is suitable for both bettors and casino lovers. Those who like betting will go crazy for the game, since it does not take more than a minute, and bettors will be able to play it in between matches. Casino lovers will appreciate the similarity to the lottery because everything here depends on luck as well.


In addition to winning, FruitRace players can receive additional bonuses. So, there is a separate condition for the ball with number 7, its direct match with the “sector 7” allows a bettor to win a large bonus. Moreover, all winning bets automatically participate in a random draw of 3-level jackpots.


The provider of live games TVBET really does not stand still and tries to surprise its partners and their customers. Exactly thanks to this aspiration, they’ve managed to create something new and unique, namely the FruitRace game. Fast, dynamic, simple – all this makes FruitRace one of the best offers in the igaming industry.

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