Live-dealer games: A bridge between betting and casino tech

TVBet live dealer games
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Fast live games have conquered the gambling market due to their accessibility and innovative approach to gameplay in general, writes TVBet CEO, Peter Korpusenko. Taking place in real time with charming presenters instead of bots has made it a favourite with players, and revolutionised the established opinion about iGaming.


With the European casino sector facing unprecedented competition at the moment, operators are in constant search for innovative ideas to engage bettors and attract more players to their websites. That’s precisely when fast games can become an effective tool for companies to grow their fan base.

Operators want to offer a one-of-a-kind product to their audience. With an increasing competition, player engagement has never been so tough, especially for young businesses. Thus, a dominant part of operators tend to cooperate with reliable and recognized providers that are real pros in the industry. One of such leaders is the company TVBet.

Since its launch in 2016, TVBET has grown from a small company to a leading B2B live games provider with 130+ clients worldwide. Currently, TVBET can boast of 11 fascinating games in its content portfolio and prestigious awards from authorized European organizations. Its products are certified by the reputable institution GLI. If we take a closer look at the TVBET’s case, it becomes evident that a secret behind their fast games’ success is a unique approach to customers’ needs.

Differentiation as a key to success.

TVBet has become a trendsetter for fast live games with their own recipe for engaging gamers’ interest. The team designs its live games analyzing players’ needs, but not looking at competitors. Today, the company offers 11 mind-blowing games, five of which are entirely exclusive, namely:

  • Backgammon
  • 1Bet
  • Joker
  • 21Bet
  • Keno

When TVBet creates its live-dealer games, the main focus is on players from every particular region. The team knows that players from Europe adore card games like Poker and Joker, while African people tends to play lotteries. Thus, before launching a new product and presenting it to global customers, the B2B provider makes an in-depth analysis of the primary audience.

It is fair to say that TVBet’s motto is: If you follow the crowd, you will usually go no further than the crowd. That’s what defines the provider’s success in the global arena. From the interviews with TVBet’s reps, it becomes apparent that they are focused on the diversity of betting options and original features that none other provider has. TVBET specialists have designed an exclusive technology and developed top-notch software that is kept a big secret.

Ivan Liashenko, CMO at Parimatch noted the benefits of the B2B provider’s exclusive offering: “A first look at TVBet can assure you that its game portfolio is a breath of fresh air in the formed market. At least a half of the live streaming products are its own exclusive developments and that’s what our customers really like. It must be noted also that all the games are designed to hold the player’s attention as much as possible. It’s the TVBet team who was the first to add the built-in jackpot mechanics to all the games, as well as in-play betting options and parlays among the providers of TV games.”

If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to develop a product and provide services that nobody else has. Even a very promising strategy will be inefficient without a secret sauce that makes your recipe one-of-a-kind. Returning to the TVBET case, the company offers customization of its products for a particular provider. If a client wants to get an exclusive studio developed directly for his brand, the TVBET team can offer a branding solution to satisfy the partner’s needs.

Developing its own strategy and providing partners with exclusive high-quality products is what TVBET has been doing since its launch. Finding your unique competitive advantage is a key to success, and we can observe it in the case of live-dealer games by TVBet.

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