FruitRace – a new one of a kind live game by TVBET available in Demo

TVBET FruitRace
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The leading provider of TV games for betting and casino operators TVBET today introduced its 12th exclusive product, called FruitRace. The company delighted its army of fans with a new non-standard and high-speed game.


Thanks to a successful combination of lottery and race mechanics, the TVBET team presented a really groundbreaking product for the igaming audience. Invented in TV format, FruitRace game, at its core, combines elements of traditional lotteries and race mechanics. The lottery drum is effectively stylized by designers as a racing track. At the finish line, the places are marked with symbols of 9 fruits and bonus “sector 7”, the color of which corresponds to 10 balls that participate in the race.

The key feature of FruitRace is its simplicity. You do not need to waste time choosing among betting options because there is only one in the game. All you need is to place a bet and check how many matches you receive, where “match” is the proper fit of fruit color and ball color. The game has 10 balls and starting from 4 matches you get a reward. The more matches will be in a chosen game, the larger the sum of the winnings.

The stunning “fruit” game by TVBET also has some special bonus options. Firstly, there is a separate condition for the ball with number 7, its single match with “sector 7” gives a serious prize. Along with that, all winning bets automatically participate in the random draw of 3-level jackpots. Thus, players are able to immerse themselves as much as possible in the game and relax without having to fill his head with combinations and miscalculations.

According to the company, this game was created first of all for the Latin American region. But at the same time, the game is available for all those who wish to integrate it. TVBET’s partners can already send requests at to add this bespoke and stylish game.

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