BetConstruct expands its world-class live casino offering

BetConstruct live casino studio
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Despite the headwinds of the past few months, BetConstruct have maintained their strategy of constant investment and improvement, and nowhere is this more apparent than in their live casino, where they recently constructed new studios in record-breaking time. Vahe Balayan, BetConstruct’s live casino product owner, explains how the company has managed to turn challenges into opportunities.


Over the years, gaming solutions supplier BetConstruct has never shied away from a challenge. Whether exploring cutting-edge tech such as crypto and AI, or fearlessly expanding into new markets and verticals, the firm has amassed a lot of experience in overcoming obstacles.

BetConstruct Live Casino Vahe Balayan
Vahe Balayan, BetConstruct’s live casino product owner

So even amidst a global shutdown, BetConstruct’s live casino team have remained focused on a strategy of constant improvement, adding new games to their ever-growing roster and building new studios within an incredibly tight timeframe to cope with increased demand.

“As many others, we have had to face much uncertainty and an uphill battle over the past couple of months, doubting whether to start new projects or wait for things to go back to normal,” said live casino product owner Vahe Balayan. “The recent challenges wrought by the pandemic are still here – and we believe with them comes opportunity. This is why we chose to be flexible, meaning that we implemented a number of projects to meet the significant demand increase for online and live casino products.

“This includes several releases and studio solutions – such new games as Swift and Aurum Roulettes, and Hi Lo, and enhancements to the existing portfolio like the full redesign of Blackjack as well as expanding the physical footprint to deliver dedicated halls to partners in just 30 days.”

The 30-day timeframe for building the new premises was part of the firm’s ‘think on your feet’ mentality, responding to the urgent need to move landbased businesses into the digital realm.

While offering the indulgent atmosphere of a luxury brick-and-mortar casino, the online product has the benefit of being incredibly customizable, with partners controlling everything from the card design to the colour of the halls.

In short, operators making the move from land-based business to online casino won’t have to worry about a “one-size- fits-all” approach. With bespoke design, branding and localization options, operators can achieve the precise look and feel they want, down to the very last detail. “Live and brick-and-mortar casino environments are parallels that can cross,” explained Balayan. “For years, people have regarded these two industries as predominantly direct competitors, and in conversations and discussions, there are those who think that the live casino industry will eventually completely replace the landbased one, and their opponents who insist it will never be a worthy alternative.

“Our experience and current tendencies show that these domains complement and enhance rather than replace each other. Today, we all witness how the land-based industry makes the transition to an online environment by keeping land-based facilities and staff. With synthesizing online and offline resources, everybody wins.”

Asked whether there was still untapped potential in the live dealer space for innovative thinkers, Balayan provides an optimistic response. “This is true of all gaming verticals,” he explains.

Even in uncertain times, digital channels have offered countless opportunities for gaming operators, and Balayan believes that with the right business strategy, live casino could be a key growth market for operators in the future.

“People often assume that developing a live casino product is simply about introducing new games or enhancing existing ones, but what we have in reality is that it is all about the marriage of a business model and technology, and this is no less important than new releases and perks,” he explained.

“The best illustration of this is the dedicated studios that we are creating now, land-based to online transformations that we are implementing, and finally data and feed integrations that we are offering to our partners. I am sure the list is not complete, and plenty of things are yet to come.”

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